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Reply #74: early ballots simply not counted [View All]

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radiofreesrini Donating Member (72 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-04-04 05:38 PM
Response to Reply #2
74. early ballots simply not counted
my guess is that every single early vote was simply thrown out by the local masons in charge of the polling places. democrats were attracted to early voting like bees to honey!

my guess is that within two weeks it will become clear that Kerry won OH, FL and maybe even NC handily after all votes are counted.

what kind of constitutional crisis would that precipitate? imagine!

another thing i noticed is that pro-Bush states closed the polls and entered their final tallies very early, giving Bush the appearance of momentum over the course of voting (even while polls were still open)... rural america takes its cues from the South!

the papers are fawning over Karl Rove and his "brilliant strategy". i agree that rove deserves an honorary degree in database marketing from your local community college. but at a certain point any admiration for their mental technologies dissolves in disgust at their aims. i see how they cloddishly use memes and database driven direct mail to fuck with people's heads.

it renews my determination to wield MY memes to vaccinate people against their memes before it's too late. the battle of Armageddon is going on in our heads. meme versus countermeme, it all spreads throughout the mass mind and gives humanity a headache.

one of the memes they spread was eagerly swallowed by the bulk of hardcore Democrats. "vote early" - everyone rallied to vote early, and the Deaniacs congratulated themselves smugly on their righteous indignation and their energy in casting early ballots. But this nicely separated them out for the fraudsters. Picture the Republican election mafia cackling "we know who you are, democrats, you're going to vote early because you hate us, so we're going to throw your vote away or count it two weeks late"...

i mean, that's one clever memetic strategy, i admit it, but we know more about how they are programmed to behave than vice versa. they're the robots, even if we (or at least some of us) are the dupes. if the key to victory is messing with the minds of the enemies of mental freedom in the G.O.P. and elsewhere, then victory is as simple as reworking the Ramones.

i don't want to interfere with their happy camp - i just want our side to be happy too. i mean the internet DID play a part in some of this, and young people did get out and vote (even if vote fraud was especially prevalent in precincts where students would be voting).

when the full count is finally tallied and kerry winds up with a majority in ohio, florida, and/or other states, what then?

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