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Reply #122: This is an oversimplification of GA [View All]

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Cookie wookie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-01-04 01:03 AM
Response to Reply #2
122. This is an oversimplification of GA
Edited on Mon Nov-01-04 01:05 AM by desert
1) Georgia isn't controlled by Democrats. We have a Rep governor, a Dem Secty of State, a Dem House and a Repub Senate.

2) The Dems in our government who defend e-voting machines in Georgia are led by Secty of State Cox. She wants to run for governor and has made a career choice to defend e-voting, since she was the one who talked the state into paying for it and staked her career on it. The idea that she did this because she intended to leave the vote open to hackers seems ludicrous, as does the idea that those in the SOS's office and the Georgia State Assembly don't want voter verified paper ballots because they want the elections to be hacked.

3) Logic test: If it's true there are all these security vulnerabilities, anyone from any political persuasion could hack the vote. Why would the Dem leadership want that? It would mean loss of control to any hacker from any political or nonpolitical persuasion.

4) As far as Cox and the Dems who support paperless evoting in GA, never have I witnessed a more unimaginative, disinterested and unknowledgeable group of people when it comes to technology.

Float this: The Dems supporting evoting in GA do so because they know nothing about technology, have no interest in learning anything, and trust Cox to tell them the truth. Her line: Our votes are safe and secure. They bite, hook, line and sinker.

5) If we had gotten our vvpat bill out of the rules committee we had the votes on the floor of the Dem dominated House to pass it, it seems your conspiracy would have to be limited to the Rules Committee and/or members of the SOS's office (and whoever their partners in crime might be).

6) A more plausible conspiracy theory would be that Cox has some overt or covert deal with Diebold to turn a blind eye, which would enable them (Diebold) to throw the vote via the GEMS code or their hackers -- and that means a victory for Bush and the Repugs, not Kerry and Dems.
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