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Under the control of Chaos Economics. [View All]

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The Backlash Cometh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-05-04 08:18 AM
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Under the control of Chaos Economics. <rant>
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It's been said before that de-regulation was leading to a transitional stage of instability which some coined "chaos economics." Libertarians, in particular, felt this was good for the economy because it would create market opportunities. What is shocking to me is that these "opportunities" are not legitimate capitalistic ventures, but are clearly criminal manipulations of events which have had devastating effects on society to the advantage of the few. Here are some examples:

1) Ken Lay, Enron and the Cheney Energy de-regulation meetings.

2) The Indian Casino scam and Tom Delay's men who lobbied to close an Indian casino, only to offer their services to the tribe to offer to re-open the Casino. This scandal could also extend to Ralph Reed who was also involved with Enron and de-regulation efforts which was the same kind of chaos churning as the Casino scam. If you can remember, Reed was going to incite his Christian Coalition group to write letters to Congressmen to encourage energy de-regulation. He would have received a salary for his part, just as he received a paycheck for the Indian Casino scam.

3) Halliburton, Dick Cheney and war profiteering. War profiteering is the ultimate example of chaos economics.

4) Stock scandals which are still being investigated by the S.E.C. and which now raises my eyebrows when I remember Pointdexter in the White House who wanted to start a stock option on terrorist activities where you could bet on who was going to get hit next.

Now that we know what these immoral people are willing to do to society for their own profit, doesn't that scare the hell out of you that they're in control and shutting down anyone who can challenge them? They've retired all the career public officials who understood the concept of duty and country, and who knew how to remain objective and true to the Constitution. They're taking down the lawyers who can give the public the representation they need to fight the reckless decisions of CEOs. They're stacking the courts by appointing conservative judges who can re-interpret the law in their favor; they offer media personalities benes (read bribes) to turn their opinions in their favor (I think someone in the Bush Administration was trying to contact Imus to donate to his wife's charity -- it's that blatant.)

Speaking of Imus, I remember one of his shows during the Clinton years when he tried to influence opinion against the president. He said, "Where is the outrage?" I thought it was misplaced emotion, especially coming from Imus whose private life is not without stain. Even then I knew that there were worse things to be outraged about. And now that Bush is in office, we see those kind of things happening on a daily basis. Everyone attached to the Bush Administration has either proven to be incompetent or corrupt. The corruption is just beyond belief -- but where is the outrage?

I'm afraid that I know part of that answer. What is happening on a federal level with the Bush Administration is just a reflection of what goes on at the local level. People who can see the strings and know the players in chaos economics, feel that they too can profit from the ignorance of the public. It's complicit corruption.

How do we fix what is broken? I would suggest you start with the priests, but, they have problems of their own... What is your suggestion?
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