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Clinton Crusader Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-19-04 09:41 AM
Response to Original message
221. I really have doubts this is legit
Edited on Sun Sep-19-04 09:52 AM by Clinton Crusader
Someone sent me an email about this and also included 'new" and 'astounding' revelations from Jack Ruby, but they were NOT new nor astounding. It's the 'presser' he had while under arrest saying (paraphrased) "the people responsible have so much to gain and have such alterior motives, etc."

That's not new at ALL, Ive had that on tape for years and years.

This doesnt look real to me. The word "Memorandum" doesnt fit from 1964.

Just my opinion.

Also, maybe Im wrong, and Im perfectly willing to say, but Ive read MILES and MILES on this subject and I dont remember anyone ever saying Oswald was in CHINA. Atsugi Japan, yes, he def. was. But I dont recall China.

On EDIT I want to add that JFK was definitely shot from the front (head shot), and the photo analysis that came to light in "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" showing a Dallas police officer ON the knoll, with what looks like a rifle up to his face, was the first thing in many mnay years that made my jaw hang open. Perfect cover, if you ask me. I believe, after years of reading, tha Oswald was indeed an operative of some kind and def. the fall guy or patsy, as he DID say. While some think the theories in the movie "JFK" are far fetched, I do not. The cop on the knoll is also included in the movie. I think Oswald was a low level informant, who was used as the patsy, and he realized that when he left the Depository, found out JFK was dead, and now he was in mortal danger. WHY he didnt spill the beans, I still dont know, or maybe he did and those notes were never kept or even written. This is going out on a limb, but I never believed JD Tippit to be the innocent bystander cop they portray him to be.

Ive seen the autopsy photos and x rays and they DO NOT MATCH what you see in the Z film.

flame away, lol.
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