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sally343434 Donating Member (628 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-31-04 09:28 PM
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23. Hmmm
I kind of see why everyone is responding negatively to the OP. But there is a valid point there in that, in general, we are all preaching to the choir here. Any tit-for-tat with republicans over Kerry's war wounds versus Bush's hookers & cocaine isn't really going to accomplish anything with the much-ballyhooed "undecided" fence sitter (all 25 of them.)

The fact is that no Gore voter is going to vote for The Fraud. And Gore won the last election. Many people I've talked to have both admitted they voted for Bush in 2000, and said they were going to vote for Kerry now because Bush "didn't turn out the way I thought he would."

SBV/band-aids/etc., accomplishes two things for Rove/Bush: First, it galvanizes the base of simpletons who, like they did during the Vietnam war, have a war fetish. To these people, being anti-war is like saying your wife/husband is ugly, only worse. Second, it can potentially cause some would-be Kerry voters to stay home on election day. They hope to demoralize. These two factors are the only method (outside of a likely red alert/martial law/canceled election) that Rove/Bush has at its disposal.

As many have pointed out, the idea of having Kerry "display his war wounds" is absurd. Not only is it completely unnecessary, it would even further allow the democratic campaign to be choreographed by Rove. Kerry has already gone too far in letting Rove/Bush define him. But we all know this isn't a serious proposal anyway (politeness and board rules prevent me from elaborating.)

The key factor to winning is voter turnout. The more people who vote, the wider margin of victory Kerry will have. And the margin will have to be great enough to overcome The Cabal's best efforts to "suppress" the vote with intimidation, BBV, etc.

As for the "military vote," I remember a time when it was the tradition in the military to not vote. This tradition began with the belief that the military was subservient to its civilian leadership and had no place in politics at all. But now we have all our little soldiers saying, as I heard one say on the radio the other day, "I'm voting for Bush because ... well, because he's my boss!"
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