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Reply #37: Sorry I didn't get back sooner. [View All]

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hunter Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-15-04 03:04 AM
Response to Reply #34
37. Sorry I didn't get back sooner.
Edited on Thu Jul-15-04 03:05 AM by hunter
I went out for dinner with my wife. It was good to get away from this mess. It is a mess.

You have done a lot of wonderful work Bev and Andy, and yes, you have entirley disrupted your own lives to push this issue out into the sunlight. I deeply respect and admire you for that, and it's good to see you on television and in the newspapers. "There she is!" I tell my family. I've got copies of Vanity Fair and everything.

Most people here, myself included, were not willing to put themselves out like you did. You charged fearlessly up out of the trenches and took a lot of hard hits doing so.... So yeah, I'm sitting here in my little sandbox at home, drinking a glass of Merlot all by myself, while my wife is at work, and my kids are asleep upstairs.

But I'm not going to be delicate with you, Bev. Once again you expose one of your weaknesses. I threw a little tiny pebble into your pond, simply pointing out your name-calling, and I get a huge blast of verbage back, and it's all about you defending yourself.

You don't need to do that--you can wade through stuff you regard as sewage with an easy stride, and do your best not to splash. Every little insult, implied or otherwise, doesn't need to become a mud wrestling match.

You especially don't want to give your real opponents that opportunity. This very minute the DRE makers and their supporters are paying people very good money to figure out how to drag you into a fight and push you under.

I am not your opponent, and a lot of the people you've banged heads with along the way are not your opponents.

I think here on DU especially you don't want any potential supporters thinking this is all a bunch of hot air and noise... That comment by ZombyWoof in the long thread-we-won't-mention was very cutting. These disagreements and flameouts really do make us all look like a damned cult. Generally, people who are in control of a serious situation don't scream at one another like that.

I notice in your blast to me there is one small paragraph about hunter. I assure you I am not trying to steal anything, or trying to claim a single iota of glory or money in this fight. But so far as I know that "banana peel on the dance floor" I was talking about in my letter, way back when, remains a problem. You have another problem if you know who stole the Diebold memos. Maybe somebody else has already told you exactly how these things "happened," and I sort of hope they have. Leaks are good. Maybe you are getting along with the leakers very well, just as you seem to get along with Jim March. If not, you should probably add them to the list of potential allies and supporters you've cast away in your brave quest. They are probably out partying with Marc Perkel.

Here are some of your own words, from your own web site, that are quite telling:

NOTE: A similarly named site ( is owned by someone else. That is a commercial site not affiliated in any way with the nonprofit Black Box Voting organization, nor with the founder, investigative journalist Bev Harris.

Okay, I can understand the dispute between you and David Allen, and even the reasons, legal and otherwise, for this little notice. But it's my opinion that in all the nasty breakups you go through you do not think enough about the children. You may have carried this BBV book to term, and you may have kicked David Allen out of the house, but it's still his name on the birth certificate of Black Box Voting. (And yes, mine are the Talion Publishing editions, so you got your money from me...) This is not something you can deny in a little notice on your website. All of us here on DU witnessed the courtship, saw the sonagrams, and received the birth announcements.

The little touches go a long ways -- like saying something nice about your allies even when you are thinking to yourself they are lazy vindictive parasites. Nobody has to be in this fight with you. Some of your allies, if you call them names and sneer at them, will throw their sticks back into your spokes.

That's not my intention here. It would be cool if my own county had these Black Box voting machines, than I could be a great BBV warrior, but they don't. My county's problems are pretty mundane. They lose stuff at the post office, they are understaffed, some of the temps they hire are spooky pod people, etc., etc., but that doesn't stop me from writing letters to Kevin Shelley and my reps, and it's always cool when I make them hammer out some new boilerplate to cover something fresh I came up with.



(edited for html booboo, etc.)
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