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Reply #22: There are some obvious answers, ones that have been given to Kerry [View All]

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MadHound Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-12-04 09:53 AM
Response to Reply #13
22. There are some obvious answers, ones that have been given to Kerry
By members of his own party. Perhaps he should stop talking and listen.

1. "How can you expect Kerry to say that his first action when president will be to pull all troops out of Iraq?"

Because it SHOULD be his first action. It is the most prominent issue in the world today, so he should be addressing it early and often. Kerry is now making pious mouthings that the Iraq war was a mistake, that we shouldn't have gone in, etc. etc. Well then, it is time for him to put up or shut up. Kucinich had a plan for getting us out of Iraq way back in March, hell, I bet he would be overjoyed to let Kerry borrow it. Or Kerry could come up with one on his own. But instead the man is running around saying he is going to insert more troops, more money, with no definite timetable for leaving, except for the vague promise of doing it before his first term is up. Sorry friend, but when you are dealing with THE issue of the election, you HAVE to pony up a definitive plan, not just mush mouthed platitudes and vague promises, then waffling on them at every stop. And yes, Kerry knows exactly what the stituation on the ground is in Iraq. For him or the Democratic party to plead ignorance is disingenous at best, and a bald faced lie at worst. Both parties have people on the ground and in the corridors of power world wide in order to keep up with events of the day. And if you don't believe that, I've got some fine land for sale too. :eyes:

2. "We destroyed a nation, do we now not have an obligation to try to rebuild it? Would that be the responsible thing to do?"
Any effort that we put into rebuilding the government of Iraq is going to go for nought once we leave. Much like Vietnam, any government that is seen by the people of Iraq as owing anything to the US is going to be considered illegal and illegitimate, and will be torn down by the Iraqi people as soon as we are gone.

We are responsible for rebuilding Iraq, yes. But due to the detrrimental effects that the continued American presence is having on the Iraqi people, America cannot be the ones doing the rebuilding. We should pay for every single penny of the rebuilding process, but the work should be contracted out to, and done by the Iraqi people, or companies of their choosing. This ongoing feeding frenzy by American companies, Haliburton prominent among them, is another smack in the face of the Iraqi people, just in order to enrich a few already wealthy Americans. Massive numbers of people are out of work in Iraq, and are desperate for a job and money. Let them rebuild their country, instead of continuing to feed the wealthy, well connected US corporations.

And yes, Kerry was lied to, just as we all were. But millions upon millions of people saw through the lie. Yet we should give Kerry a pass? Sorry friend, that doesn't fly. If Kerry didn't see through the lie, then quite frankly the man is too dumb for the highest office in the land. If he did see through the lie, then he is either in favor of an illegal, immoral invasion, or he was cynically looking out for his own political career first, and not the wishes of his constituents, thus not fulfilling his job requirements. If that is the case, then he isn't fit for office, for he cannot even fulfill the basic requirements of his job, which is to follow the wishes of his constituents, not your own personal agenda.

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