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CNBC Capitol Report? [View All]

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bossfish Donating Member (789 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-16-04 07:09 PM
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CNBC Capitol Report?
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Just got back to the hotel and flipped on the TV and the first channel is CNBC, some show called "Capitol Report". I saw Al Franken's face on there being interviewed by some balding guy.

First, the guy asks Franken about "hating" Shrub.

Franken says, "Well, I'm not sure I HATE him"

"But you called him a liar," says the host with eyes bugged.

So Franken points out one lie, the one about the "majority of my tax cuts will go the the bottom of econ scale." Baldy hems and haws about Shrub trying to defend Shrub. Finally Al gets Baldy to admit that Shrub was - er - less than honest there.

Then Baldy asks Al if he had seen Moore's movie. Al says yes. Baldy asks, "Is it true?"

"I assume so," says Al.

Then Baldy misrepresents what the movie says about the little Saudi airlift after 9/11. Al straightens him out.

Then Baldy accuses the "Bush haters" of doing the same to Shrub as was done to Clinton by the wingnuts.

Al points out that no one has leveled a "Vince Foster was murdered" claim like the Oxymoran did. Baldy backs down.

Then Baldy asks Al if he is running for Senate in MN in 2008. Al says not sure, maybe.

Then they cut back to the woman host who smirks, "That's a campaign I'd want to cover" (ha-ha).

Then they go to a snippet of an interview Matt Lauer has with Michael Moore. They discuss a scene in the movie in which Moore shows prisoner abuse, not in Abu Grahib apparently. Lauer asks who shot it. Moore says an embedded cameraman. Lauer asks when it was shot. Moore responds December 2003.

Then Lauer starts climbing on Mike for "sitting" on the footage. He asks, "Why didn't you call someone (in the government)?"

Moore calmly replies, "Who?"

Lauer, "I dunno, maybe the Defense Dept....", then Lauer realizes what a dumb statement that is.

Moore shoots back, "Would YOU have called?"

Lauer mumbles something about being a measly Today show host or something.

I've always wondered what the "C" in CNBC means, now I know.

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