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Reply #50: Chavez isn't trying to stop the elections. It's amazing that people feel [View All]

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AP Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-02-04 06:10 PM
Response to Reply #48
50. Chavez isn't trying to stop the elections. It's amazing that people feel
so comfortable expressing their firmly held opinions without caring for a second to look into the facts.

Do you know that the recal process is brand new, so both sides have to argue over rules never even contemplated before on how to conduct the recall.

When the gathered the signatures the first time, the rules were that people had to go to a signature collection place where there were witnesses and computer access to databases, and all sorts of nice protections like that.

Well, the opposition said, "what about sick people in hospitals?" So they argued, and they compromised: "ok, there will be walk around lists."

Well, guess what? When they sat down to count the signatures, the lists collected at the stations were fine. But the walk around lists were shockingly crappy. Pages on pages of names in the same handwriting was one of several problems. Missing ID numbers was another problem, IIRC.

So, they had to engage in another round of negotiating how to conduct a repair process, and again, they've never done this before so both sides have to argue their position.

Naturally, the government wanted to start from the position that the whole reason of having the rules in the first place was to identify fraud and not count fraudulent signatures, but they were willing to have a repair program. Naturally, the opposition wanted a repair process that was more lenient than the rule for the walk around lists (which were obviously inadequate). So they agreed to a repair process. One of the biggest problems agreeing to the rules didn't come from the gov't, it came from the opposition. The government said that if people can come in and repair their signatures, they also want people to be able to come in and take their names OFF the list (and I'm not sure if this was only for people whose names appeared on the walk around list or if it's for people who appeared on either list).

So, you see, a lot of fascists assholes go arround BS'ing that Chavez doesn't want a vote. However, the truth is a little more complicated. It's their consitution, and their recall process. They just want it to be fair. And they want to make sure the rules set a good precendent.

And, at least in the repair process, it was the oppostion who were most afraid of having the election go forward because the rules for it were so fair that they thought they weren't going to be able to repeat the fraud they perpetrated with the walk around lists the first time, and they were afraid that a lot of people were going to be able to undo fraud if their names were on the list and they shouldn't have been.

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