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Reply #42: Good to see many differing opinions on this. [View All]

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arrogantatheist1000 Donating Member (44 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-13-04 02:44 AM
Response to Original message
42. Good to see many differing opinions on this.
Even though I dont' agree with everyones thinking, I am glad to see a range of opinions. That is one great thing about this board, people are free thinkers.

I think within a year they will hit america. I believe they have been building up for quite some time now. You hear many rumors floating around and stories from local papers. About islamists buying things like ambulances and homes paying cash. And by cash I mean stacks of 100 dollar bills.

I believe the most likely scenario is they will hit america before the election again. They said that they would hit outside of america if their february terms weren't met. Then if their terms still weren't met they would hit inside america for a 'killing blow'.

I expect the next attack to be scarily large. They have consistently talked in the range of 100-300 shaheeds for the next american operation. They can't do an attack on the same scale as this recent spanish one next time on america.

The reason is that it would diminish their fear factor. Losing 200 in one day ultimately is not on the scale of losing 3000. I believe they need to actualy go well beyond 3000 next time.

Their threats mention 'winds of black death'. I believe this to mean a massive anthrax attack. When you get sick with anthrax you get horrible black lesions on your body. Now I could be wrong and their could be many interpretation. That just seems the most likely.

I also am of the belief that the anthrax letters were sent by people connected to the 9'11 terrorists. Atta went in to a doctor a few days before 9'11 with a terrible skin lession. That would be consistent with someone who was handling anthrax. Likely a tiny amount would have gotten on him.

Again this is merely my guess based on the reading I have done. I fully admit I could be wrong about the origions of those letters. I however have heard the american and other western governments lie so many times that frankly I don't care who they say did it. I form my own opinions based on the motives and what little evidence makes it to the press.

As for attacks outside of America I would guess it will depend largely on the behavior of each nation. Australia got hit hard in Bali and they very much backed off their aggresive support for america. Therefore why would you hit them again? If Spain now backs off which I expect them too I do not believe they will be hit again in the near term.

Btw I believe spain will back off because I don't believe the spanish people are willing to tolerate horrific losses like this 3'11 attack on a regular basis. Therefore the government will want to minimize its chances of being hit, because of its own survival. If the Spanish lose confidence in their governments ability to protect them will replace them.

If however Spain more strongly goes forward, which I find unlikely, I believe they will be targeted again. To set an 'example'.

I am not buying this thinking that they will hit France or Italy or Germany. That would largely be counter-productive. If however they do do that I will have to re-evaluate my thinking on why they are attacking non american nations.

As for England I believe the terrorists don't have an interest hitting them yet. Although the english are involved publicly they are giving free passage to terrorists. They aren't cracking down substantialy on mosques and fund raising and the like. Remember before 9'11 America was cutting off funding going to terrorist groups coming from America. They were doing this to appease the jewish vote. Which is fine its a democracy, I don't blame jews for wanting their families safe in Isreal.

This fact of course along with so many others is not allowed to be said on our media.

A couple posters mentioned Canada. I live in Canada and I find it extremely unlikely that the terrorists would target Canada. I know many muslims here in there 20's and there is no surveliance on them, and there is no control on their movement or their finances.

Canada is the gateway into America. The terrorists themselves have said that, and I have heard Islamics say that is why they would never attack Canada. I do however see long term danger for Canada, however from another source.

If the terrorists do execute a massive 300 martyr attack on America, especialy involved weapons of mass destruction like anthrax, America would change so dramaticaly its hard to even fathom.

Tommy Franks said that if there is another 9'11 scale attack America will have to move to a military dictatorship to protect 'freedoms'.

Top intelligence people in the US government have also said that the only chance in the long run if terror keeps up is to make a fortress north america. This will require the military take over of Canada. Or more likely Canada effectively giving up all of its rights and Americans coming in. Indeed already there is American military personnel at Canadian airports and sea ports. There is also Canadian military personnel at american air and sea ports as well. That was part of the deal.

If an attack of the scale they are talking about does take place though that will not be enough. The american government will have to move and change all aspects of the nation. If they do not the american people will overthrow them and find someone who will.

This war as I've been saying for a while now is in its early phases. Afghanistan and Iraq were early strikes into the muslim lands. We will have to go far far deeper and take far greater losses if we want to win. And the attacks on 9'11 were not the end of terror they were the first time it had reached the point where it affected a nations politics. 9'11 showed the world, from islamic terrorists to break away factions the western world's achilles heel. Now is the race to protect that heel on our part, and for the enemies of america to exploit it.
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