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soup Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Feb-16-04 10:52 AM
Response to Reply #11
12. with no commercial breaks.
Edited on Mon Feb-16-04 11:00 AM by soup
Did hear a blip of 'some protesters'.

Here's some of my notes -

cheers, waving flags

over-voice - mention of 'some protesters'

enjoy race?
a lot, congrats ernhart, nothing wrong with a fellow following in father's footsteps - nyuk nyuk.
honor to be in Tampa

wondering why we're here, herald the entrepreneurs, our country has been thru a lot recently, but nothing we can't over come as a nation because of the people.

Laura is here, really pleased she's traveling with me. thank the Horner's for having us here. Congressional delegation - bilrakus, putnum, browne-waite, katherine harris - ARGH run from room screaming ----- toni jennings here,
jeb's in Costa Rica, I'm really proud of that man... blecch,
charlie crist,
mayors, - only advice fill the potholes. chuckles - oh, he's so clever.
Candy Corona (really flubbed name) - strength of this country is not military, not wealth, but volunteers to help neighbors in need. Candy paints houses for senior citizens...

change U.S. one heart one soul at a time -
mentor a child, feed the hungry, help with housing for those who can't afford it, all kinds of examples to help neighbors-

Lots of reasons to be optimistic-

first in 2000 - we got a recession - economy going backwards, people can't find work, trouble selling product, people can't put food on table-

started out of recession

then the enemy hit us.

couldn't look at threat and hope it's go away, couldn't take the goodwill of madmen.

WORLD IS SAFER, America more secure cause we deal with threats.

Then corporate CEOs forgot to tell the truth, affected the psychology of the country.
----Forgot to tell the truth????? help me here.----

Passed laws to hold them to account- Justice is being delivered.

Tough decision to go to war. March to war in 2002- not good environment to invest or be optimistic, but now we're Marching to Peace.

our economy is Strong - because congress heeded my call to let people keep more money in their pocket. Tax relief is vital part of our recovery.

Things are looking better for America. applause

increase child credit,

Need to encourage marriage, not penalize, relief on dividends and capitol gains.

blah blah blah encourage small businesses.

invigorate entrepreneurial spirit.

tax relief at right time, now Congress Must Make it Permanent. applause
set to expire!!! child credit goes down - marriage penalty goes up if it expires.

RAISE taxes if it's not kept permanent.


Congress needs to get me an energy bill this year.

paperwork stifles entrepreneurialship. (whatever the hell THAT means)

health costs are a real problem, I put forth some plans to help, like health savings accounts.
health plan stalled in congress... blah blah pool risks-

get rid of junk and frivolous law suits driving good Drs. out of business. big applause.

Powerful interests in Washington

frivolous lawsuits driving Dr.s out of business, raising costs to citizens, house passed good bill-

Special Interests, Big Powers, holding it up-
Senators, including those from FL need to understand ...

entrepreneurial spirit repeated 300 times, hard for him to say, hard to type over and over...


owner of business attributing 35% increase in business to bush's leadership.. (dreamboat... drool, drool.. my hero... great leader... slobber, slobber..)

back to jr.-

tax code encouraged her to make an investment to demand increase,
so there's a ripple effect.
more employees, better pay.
Tax law needs constancy.

Possibly 40 reliable jobs to be added here, 5 workers there, it begins to add up to Excitement.

back to owner-
buying more equipment, and have a great future thanks to jr.

-----kiss his feet, go ahead, you know you want to..-----

coffee need more coffee
or a hammer so I can bonk myself...
missed a bit of this love fest-

guy named Sam now massaging Jr's ego... jr. glowing, basking -
oooh, that feels good.

now another guy, something something. since 1953.

-------flash on jr turning and talking to someone else next to him, oh yeah, he's listening, he cares. bad camera. spank.-------

jr, impatient, butts in...

back to guy.
Company added 5 JOBS this year!!!!! training - whatever. 5 jobs. yay.

community college good. workers gain skills to hold jobs of the future. need to train people.
train them well.

programs to help people embetter themselves.

If companies can't find U.S. workers - ought to be system to find others to take them - orderly system to allow people to work. willing workers.

some woman who works for co. worshiping at feet of jr. tax relief, oh, thank you thank you - raising granddaughter, saving for college - trip to Texas - $2400.
nephew in Iraq - standing ovation.

jr. thank nephew for his service-
education the gateway to success.

now to race car driver. short track racer. another employee of nu air. moved up in company over years.


can I get a witness? we all fine. just fine.


tax relief helped us out tremendously. wife stays home now. takes care of kids. tax relief, new child credits- wife home, w/ 2 yr old knows ABCs and can count to 10.

thank you thank you thank you master. future's so bright we all need shades .. blah blah


tax credits going down next year. bad bad bad. we've got money in government, no prob there - SAY WHAT?
but we need to keep more in your pockets, more of your own money.

enjoyed conversation. interesting points come out of it.
tax relief makes a difference.
individual stories. hardworking decent individuals. optimistic about future.

nothing that we can't overcome in America. god blesses.. hand shakes.

damn it, show protesters you mentioned!!!!



more gushing and butt-kissing by local news.

one says 'perfectly selected people for this conversation.'
Bwahahahaha. - ooh, gonna get it for that one.


local news - "insider info report"

SS called three hours prior to Bern's steakhouse visit.
reservations need to be several weeks ahead normally.

5 people in party, *jr had petite fillet. cost of meal - 700$, plus he tipped well...


Ok, George, photo-op king - you've spent enough of our money on your campaign - now go AWAY!

$700.00 for dinner. $700. plus tip.

edit to add :hi: madfloridian - haven't seen you in awhile. missed your posts.
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