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JailForBush Donating Member (753 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-17-04 04:29 PM
Response to Reply #35
41. I'm here to help you.
Any time you're lost, just ask me to help straighten you out.

You suggest that Linux programmers earn money, apparently thinking that negates the argument that Linux is free.

In fact, SOME Linux varieties are free, others cost money - though I believe even the paid versions are significantly cheaper (and much more reliable) than Microshaftware.

To round out the picture, consider the software that runs on Linux. Much of it is free, also. However, there are also paid versions. Compare OpenOffice (free) to StarOffice (paid).

If you buy Windows, you have to pay for most of your other software - much of which is very expensive. And if you buy Microsoft, you're generally getting a lot of crap with your purchase, plus you're supporting corporate corruption.

If you use Linux as an operating platform, you can often choose between free and paid software. The freeware is often sufficient for ordinary use; paid versions are often purchased by business or individuals with special needs - and the money to buy it. Isn't choice wonderful?

Another funny thing about paid Linux programmers is that they tend to negate the argument that there would be no jobs if Microsoft didn't exist. It's true - Linux creates jobs, too! The icing on the cake: If you don't want Linux programming, you don't have to buy it!

Now that I've coached you, you might be able to see that the REAL "socialists" - using the Demopublican definition - are the Microsofties. After all, they limit your choices - often severely. They also punish you, no matter what choice you make. After all, we live in a Microsoft world.

But if you go with Linux, you enter the world of choice and competition. Apple is sort of a compromise; Apple is a big, wealthy corporation, and it's products are very expensive. But they're much better than Microsoft. Did you know that Apple, like Linux, is based on Unix? It makes sense; why would Apple want to base a computer that's famed for its quality on something as crappy as Microsoft?

Thank you for allowing me to help you see the light. I've already moved my websites from Microshaft to Linux servers, and I hope to migrate my computer itself in the near future. I hope you'll join the patriotic Americans who have come to see Microsoft for what it is - corporate fascism.
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