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Sapphocrat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-30-04 05:09 AM
Response to Reply #14
15. DemoVet...
What's "right"? Honestly, I'm not being a bit sarcastic. It's a rhetorical question, yes, but in the end, what is "right" in our current situation?

There have been few instances -- or perhaps, until this point, none -- in which I have believed that the ends justify the means. But, despite our attempts to put this lunacy into some historical perspective, we are all at a loss to make sense of it, or find a way to stop it. There are parallels to Vietnam, and parallels to Nazi Germany -- and they serve their purpose, but only in a limited context. In reality, this Pinky-and-the-Brain insanity has no true parallel.

I'm not making excuses. I mean to say only that extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. We're dealing with half-a-populace that is positively comatose, as if the nation's water supply had been spiked with something that turns otherwise rational human beings into the walking brain-dead.

Tell me, if you know, what in God's name will wake them up? There is no time for niceties anymore. We are nearly down to the wire. And it's been proven, repeatedly and in no uncertain terms, that making nice with the warmongers does as much good as undressing for a rapist; you're still going to get raped, and no amount of accommodation on your part is going to inspire your assailant to give you a break for your thoughtfulness.

It wasn't lost on me that many DUers might find the image disturbing, or even sacreligous -- but I'm not preaching to the choir. I've done that; it's pointless. Sure, I could have sent the picture around to a few friends I knew would call it "brilliant" and take no offense whatsoever -- but what good would that do?

And I still believe that such a stark, graphic image does do good. In a very small way, it expresses the frustrations of many of us on the Left -- and in a very big way, it's a hard slap upside the head of those who -- as RW lurkers on DU, or other Bush* supporters who stumble across this photo accidentally -- still don't see that they, personally, are responsible for the deaths of more 800 young men and women who really and truly thought they were fulfilling a calling to serve their nation -- and who ended up neither our protectors nor defenders. They just ended up dead.

I'm angry, DemoVet. I can't possibly share the same flavor of anger that you must harbor -- you've got the battle scars, literally, that I never will.

My anger comes from knowing that the blood of every one of those dead soldiers is as indelibly stained on my hands as it is on Bush's. Why? Because I spent the bulk of my adult life as blissfully complacent and lazy as every one of my fellow countrymen currently basking in the comfort of denial.

I have two choices with all the days I have left under this regime: I can stand on principle -- in which case I will have nothing left but principle four years from now -- or I can take the gloves off too.

I can't apologize for the photo. I can, and will, however, express my regret for the pain you feel. I understand that explaining my intentions doesn't change anything, as we are all eligible for a one-way ticket to hell based on our intentions.

But I can try to make you understand: This is not a commentary on or indictment of any soldier. I make such graphics because my soul is sick with grief over every faceless American who comes home in a box. It is my fault, too. And if there is anything (within legal limits) I can do to wake just one stupid, Bush-loving idiot out of his or her coma, then, goddamnit, I'll do it.

So, be offended if you must, DemoVet. But even if you don't agree with my methods, try to understand, and accept, my reasons -- not the least of which is my determination to stop even one more of those flag-wrapped caskets from being used, in whatever way I can.

I am not a sought-after public speaker. I have no influence on decision-makers. Writing and graphics are all I know how to do. Apparently, I sometimes do them too well.

Just hope, with me, that the image has even half as much as impact on the people who need to see it, as it did on you.

P.S. I'm waiting to hear when my young cousin will be deployed. This is a young man I babysat when he was a toddler. I don't know how I will cope if he dies or is maimed in this misguided "war." But if he were to die, I would do the same thing, to the same sort of photo. In fact, I would feel more inspired than ever to do it. Maybe that doesn't make any sense. Maybe it does. I'll just let that thought lie there, and hope it does.
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