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Reply #10: "..... but I also do not want to paint our military as being anywhere [View All]

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Joe Chi Minh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-07-08 06:56 AM
Response to Reply #7
10. "..... but I also do not want to paint our military as being anywhere
near the level of the Soviets or even the Japanese during WWII. Because it is not the case.

Wrong. Your civil society, it seems, is just as sick with regard to rape, so your blandishment on that score of the parallel with civil society, in fact, confirms my point.

I was not talking about absolutely ruthless suppression or horrendous cruelty and savagery. The British Empire must have led the way in that for a long, long time. I was talking about a dimension of sexual depravity allied to it, that is so sick as to defy belief, both "freelance", as in your military, and in your Government-sanctioned, institutionalised torture.

When I mentioned on DU that I had heard an American female professor on our TV in the UK saying that women in her country live in a constant state of fear of a sexual attack, I was expecting some very harsh repudiations of that from at least some of the women posters. But, on the contrary, only one woman responded and that was to concur; and she was clearly a very spirited person.

She said that when she parked her car at the supermarket, she parked it as far away from other vehicles as she could. Immensely sick as British society has become, that sounds strange to our ears. We expect that kind of sexual assault from a deranged "loner", but it seems (I'm surmising) this lady fears being abducted and raped by a group of males.

Read the article linked below, and then tell me that Michener described such scenes in the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution. Or that their goons, any Communist regimes, trained dogs to rape their women prisoners; or that police vigilantes in a Communist country ever went on sprees killing steet-children for local shop-keepers - kind of indiscriminate bounty hunters. Just so long as they look "ragged" street-children types. Or, indeed, that any children were homeless, any children lived "rough", always on the edge of starvation in any Communist country. Or that there was child pornography and chiuld prostitution. I never ever read of any, in stark contrast to our far-right, national cess-pits. And I can only assume it reflects a lack of imagination on the part of our normally exotically-mendacious, Western propagandists.

PS: At an army camp in the UK called Deepcut, several young male soldiers died mysterious deaths, and there is every appearance of a cover-up at the highest level in relation to it. Google "Deepcut", but here is a good article:

But if there was a pattern of rape against young female sodiers in our forces in the UK, similar to yours, I think there would be hell to pay. I expect we specialise in more deviant sexual assaults, if Deepcut is any guide, though it did seem to be largely localised, and not a thriving culture.
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