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Reply #8: Most of American is mostly likely completely unaware of dominionism [View All]

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Hestia Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-13-08 03:20 PM
Response to Original message
8. Most of American is mostly likely completely unaware of dominionism
Edited on Sat Sep-13-08 03:20 PM by Hestia
and Joel's Army. The ONLY good thing about Sarah Palin being nominated is that now, finally, at last those of us who have been trying to warn others will no longer seen as kooks. People absolutely positively refuse to believe that the domionist cult has been pervading the very fabric of this country. All people know is that 'something is wrong' but can't figure out why. These people are why.

They are insidious, nasty, evil people who will not stop until their version of a wahabism is set up right here in the US. What is extremely disturbing and absolutely horrifying is the Joel's Army aspect to this cult. Their 'prophets' explicitly tell teens and 20 year olds to ARM themselves with the upcoming civil war. They they are literally god's warriors. The connection between Eric Prince (funding domionist groups), Blackwater and Joel's Army should be enough to call in the Dept of Justice. Oh, but wait! Dominionst lawyers have been installed within the dept. protecting these very people, keeping them under the radar. Huckabee and Hagee have direct links to Joel's Army.

There really is a spiritual warfare going on in this country and if they keep it quiet, they think we won't be able to counteract it. Their symbol is John Ashcroft draping Justice. In this minds, this is more than a metaphor, it is what they want to do. This is real and as a result, it should be real to us too.

Do a search on Daily Kos on Joels' Army and Domionism - there are diaries after diaries of the warnings, political and financial connections of these cults. To go talk2action dot org and live journal on dark christianity. Southern Poverty Law Center also.

Once SP is run off the political stage, investigators need to go public with this information and they need to especially go after "The Family or The Fellowship", the group that is really running things in DC. That is where these groups get their marching orders, from the top down, and you'd really be surprised who in Congress and Senate are embedded with this cult with power.

Sorry to rant on, but this information needs to be broadcast often to the moderates who do not want wahhabism to come here.
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