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Snazzy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-05-04 11:17 AM
Response to Reply #20
31. Thatcher's Texas company?
Edited on Thu Aug-05-04 11:18 AM by Snazzy
From House of Commons, 11-27-92:

Mr. Livingstone : I am able to confirm what my hon. Friend the Member for Leyton (Mr. Cohen) said, I shall come to that matter in a moment.

A pattern has emerged. Mark Thatcher has been linked to Dr. Carlos Cardoen. It is alleged that Mark Thatcher's Texas-based company sent arms to Iraq. Then the British journalist who was sent to investigate was murdered. After the pattern emerged, I tabled another early-day motion, which stated :

"That this House notes the belief of Mr. Moyle's family that he was murdered because of his investigation into the arms deals of Carlos Cardoen, the Chilean associate of Mr. Mark Thatcher, and calls on both men to publish full details of their business links." Once again, I was told by the Table Office that the early-day motion was repetitious, according to the previous Speaker's ruling on repetitious motions.

Yesterday, we saw Dr. Cardoen speak out in public for the first time. In the months and years that have passed, I have never seen a picture of that gentleman work its way into the press, let alone heard of his conducting an interview and being questioned by British journalists. However, in yesterday's The Independent an account of that interview was reported. That report is truly shocking. It brings a much more sinister twist to the matter and raises frightening issues.

Dr. Cardoen revealed that he briefed the British and United States Governments during most of the 1980s on Baghdad's efforts to acquire weapons. Dr. Cardoen is no longer some shady arms dealer ; he claims to have briefed our Government and the United States Government during the 1980s. The report states :

"Dr. Carlos Cardoen, who produced and procured weapons for Iraq from 1981"- -

he admits the charge that he was the main arms procurer for Iraq in the west--

"told the Independent that the British and American embassies in Santiago, as well as US Department of Defense officials, were given ample explanation' of Iraq's procurement network"--

Why should they not be given that explanation? We were supporting Iraq in its war. It should come as no surprise to the public-- "and that officials visited his arms plants on several occasions and verified the entire manufacturing process of the arms in question.' "

We are now told by Iraq's main arms procurer that British and American embassy officials visited his plants which made the arms for Iraq and inspected the process. We shall expect an explanation from the Minister when he replies to the debate.


We are talking about embassy officials refusing to co-operate with a Chilean judge investigating the murder of a British journalist who was investigating arms deals involving the former Prime Minister's son. That is a scandal, if true, for which people should go to prison.

Who authorised British officials to refuse to co-operate with the Chilean judge investigating the murder of a British journalist ? Was the decision taken at ministerial level ? Was it taken on the advice of the security or intelligent services ? That is what we wish to know. Then we see the disinformation nonsense again. We read "Mr. Moyle died in a Santiago hotel room in March 1990, apparently after being injected in the heel. British officials alleged that he died while masturbating."

That is exactly what we would expect--disinformation, an attempt to smear someone who has been murdered, not by a Russian spy, not by Carlos Cardoen's henchmen, but by British officials. Who authorised the British officials--the responsible Minister is here ; I am sure that he will tell us--to brief the press that that journalist died while masturbating, when it now appears that he was injected with a lethal substance in his heel ?

What did British officials have to cover up ? Was it eight years of illegal sanctions busting and arms deals to Iraq that involved the former Prime Minister's son ? Is that worth killing for ? That is what it is beginning to look like--it is beginning to look like British officials have helped to cover up the murder of a British journalist who was getting embarrassingly close to breaking open a story about the arms dealings of the son of the former British Prime Minister. That is why the matter becomes more sinister with every day that passes.


I do not want to defend Dr. Cardoen. He has many interesting side interests : for instance, he possesses a major collection of Nazi war daggers. I suspect that he is not "one of us", as the former Prime Minister would have said I doubt that he is a socialist, that is--but what he has said is of no assistance whatever to the Government. Dr. Cardoen was educated in the United States of America and was advised to go into weapons production by General Pinochet--also not "one of us". In the early 1980s, he made his money by producing "aviation cluster bombs which kill over an area equivalent to 10 football pitches. For the duration of the war"--


That brings me back to the point at which I came in : the involvement of Mark Thatcher in an attempt to break United Nations sanctions and enable South African arms to be sold to Saudi Arabia. I have no evidence ; circumstantial evidence, however, can be so extensive and so cross- referenced as to build up a case that is overwhelmingly damning. I believe that The Independent, The Guardian, former Israeli intelligence agent Ari Ben-Menashe and many others who have investigated the matter have built up a case so overwhelming on the basis of such evidence that any jury would convict on what was put before it. It is now the Government's duty to prove their innocence. It is their duty to prove that they did not know what was going on and to convince the House that the former Prime Minister was not briefed about her son's activities. If they cannot do so, they have forfeited any moral claim to continue in office.

(I really need to watch more of these on cspan)
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