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Reply #3: You apparently didn't read all the details of the case [View All]

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lbrtbell Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-02-12 09:32 AM
Response to Reply #2
3. You apparently didn't read all the details of the case
Zimmerman was treated BEFORE that video was shot. The blood was therefore cleaned off his skull and face. My mother, who was in late middle age at the time, fell and hit a wall, which caused a tiny cut that bled like crazy. I was terrified because she was losing so much blood. But within minutes, applying direct pressure stopped the bleeding. And she wasn't even treated by paramedics, just by me holding a dry washcloth to her head. The blood was all over the carpet and the wall, but not on her clothes. When we took her to ER, any security camera capturing her would have shown no blood on her clothes or her head. But she still fell down and hit the wall.

Similarly, Zimmerman didn't have to be covered in blood, to prove that there was a struggle between him and Martin.

As for these new witnesses, isn't it odd that the original witnesses said that Zimmerman was on the bottom...but these new people claim Martin was on the bottom?

All this aside, there's one thing the media seems to be ignoring. Trayvon Martin was a 6'3" high-school football player. Zimmerman was 11 years older, about 5'9", and pretty darned fat. Even if he did give chase, there's no way a young, fit man with much longer legs couldn't outrun the fat guy. That alone is proof that Trayvon Martin either stopped or came back to confront Zimmerman. When you confront someone, they have the right to shoot in self-defense, and it doesn't matter whether you're armed or not. You don't have to be armed to pose a threat to someone, and a young 6'3" athlete is a threat to a fat 5'9" guy.

Yes, Zimmerman has a violent past. But Martin is no saint, either. He was suspended from school for 10 days at the time of the shooting, which begs the question...why did his dad let him go out by himself at night? Most parents I know would be so furious over the suspension, that the kid would be grounded. Who lets their teenager go to the convenience store at night, when he's been suspended from school AND there have been several burglaries in the area?

If Trayvon's father had been a better parent, his kid wouldn't have been in possession of an empty baggie of marijuana, gotten himself suspended, or gone wandering around at night at a time when there had just been several burglaries in the area. If it hadn't been Zimmerman, the kid could have encountered the burglar. Most importantly, Trayvon would be alive today.

But instead of his parents acting like parents, Daddy lets him run around at night and encounter a guy who shoots him, then Mommy trademarks phrases related to her son's death.

Of all this, that's what made me the sickest. At least let your son's body get cold before you try to profit from his death. I suppose I'd be smoking pot, too, if I had parents like that.
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