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Reply #18: I outsource to a responsible recycler. The US outsources ALWAYS... [View All]

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TheMadMonk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-10-11 08:56 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. I outsource to a responsible recycler. The US outsources ALWAYS...
...(or close enough as makes no matter) to the monetarily cheapest (to it) provider, regardless of hidden costs, or cost burdens which might have to be met by others.

"There is no moral obligation" huh? So the fact that Somalia was in civil war and in no position to stop the dumping of European waste in the fisheries that European (amongst others) first stripped bare was their lookout, and not the responsibity of the fishing fleets and dumpers?

Misouri farmers have no moral obligation not to over fertilise, which causes dead zones in the Gulf?

If there is no one present to stop me, I have no moral obligation not to shit in your letterbox?

Not at all, a good many of Mexico's pollution woes are indeed Mexico's alone. However, where the two intersect, the track record of the US is not at all good. Not good at all. When local regulators did put a stop to simply dumping unwanted muck in the nearest hole, river or other body of water, the dumpers simply found a country where the regulations didn't forbid such practices and shipped it there if it was cheaper to do so, than to process the waste domestically.

It's not about Mexican/developing/third world incompetence. It's about Americans (or anyone) with the whip hand declaring, "This is what we want. This is the price we're offering. If you don't want it, we'll take our business to someplace which is willing to operate on our terms." And it's not just Mexico. It's child labour and your Egyptian cotton sheets, your hand loomed "Persian" rugs, your Nikes and Reeboks, (not to mention your $10 Walmart specials), your iPods & iPhones, etcetera, bloody etcetera.

BULL FUCKING SHIT! At best you promote safe recycling/waste disposal standards WITHIN the United States. And even that is highly debatable.

Your attitude is exactly why jobs in the US are being shipped overseas. The Mexicans aren't stealing them. YOU AND YOUR COUNTRYMEN are throwing them away because YOU and people like you don't want to pay the true cost of your materialistic desires. Cheaper labour, lower regulatory costs is all that matters to people like you and anyone who lacks the power to stop you deserves to be exploited.
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