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Reply #17: No, I try to understand people and their culture [View All]

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happyslug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-09-11 12:06 PM
Response to Reply #14
17. No, I try to understand people and their culture
We are all product of out culture, much of what we believe to be the right way to do things is the product of our culture NOT anything to do with logic, right or wrong, religion, law, or any other factor. Arab culture has long had a tradition that men with enough money to support more then one wife, each wife in their own home, can do so. This tradition pre-dates Christianity let alone Islam. The rules of such marriages are also very old, pre-dates the written record. For example, First Wives always had priority over later wives, if any inheritance was involved, it went to the Children of the First Wife NOT any other wife (Through a Father was expected to make sure ALL of his children were taken care of, trained in a profession, given land or animals or other means to prosper in their Society.

Other rights of First wives was the right to decide if a Second wife was permitted. The husband still had the right to marry a second wife, but the first wife's had to accept that marriage, if not it was invalid (This appears to have happen to bin Laden in Sudan when one of his marriages were annulled within 48 hours of the marriage). My favorite historical story of this is when Genghis Khan took his last and favorite wife. He just fell in love with her and instead of taking her as a concubine, married her. After the Marriage he realized he had made a HUGE mistake, he still wanted to keep his latest wife, the mistake was for NOT asking permission of his first wife first. In one of the slowest marches any Mongol army ever took under Genghis Khan, he brought his new wife home, but on the march kept sending presents to his First Wife. By the time he arrived home with his new wife, his First Wife had figured out what he had done, and after making sure Genghis agreed with her that only her sons would inherit his Empire, she accepted the new wife. The young wife was the only wife to go on the march with Genghis, but her children, while given land, money and even power by Genghis were always distant seconds to the sons of his first wife (Genghis's Empire was divided among his sons, and then their sons, the sons of his youngest wife were officers is those sons and grandson's armies, not leaders of those successor states).

These second, third etc wives were NOT Concubines, their and their children had rights. Those rights were inferior to the rights of the First Wife and her children but their had rights and their Father had to take care of them as legitimate children. One of the problems with Saudi Arabia today is that King Saud I who died in 1952, had several wives and children by those wives. All of the Kings of Arabia since 1952 has been his sons, but not all of them sons to the same wife (The present King Abdullah, mother was a different mother then the mother of the previous Kings of Saudi Arabia, the Kingship of Arabia is an elected position, but the vote is limited to the legitimate sons, grandsons, great grandsons etc of King Saud I). Many of the Marriages of King Saud I was political in nature, i.e. a daughter of a political ally. Sex was expected as were children, but the marriage was more a political alliance then anything to do with Sex or Children.

I am just trying to inform people of how the people of Arabia view multiple marriages. It is a long tradition, one rejected by the West since at least the time of Christ. Multiple marriages among Arabs are like breads and long robes, traditions the predate even Christ (as is the Western Norm of Men with clean Shaven faces and short hair, the norm in the West since the time of Scipio Africanus, the man who defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama).

More on Scipio:

Some more on Polygamy:

Polygamy in Islam:

You have to understand where people are coming from to fully understand them, and that is all I am trying to do with my posts.

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