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Reply #23: Haven't seen the Christine O'Donnell videos against masturbation? They were a hoot. Same thing. [View All]

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freshwest Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-07-11 10:43 AM
Response to Reply #12
23. Haven't seen the Christine O'Donnell videos against masturbation? They were a hoot. Same thing.
But the real issue is telling people what thoughts are not allowed, and what to with their own bodies, singularly, in their spare time. The Dominonist movement that Christine, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are using to win elections with church members across the country *would* do such a thing.

Even if they aren't doing it in front of cameras, they are doing it in front of their main support groups, religious right, fundamentalist churches. The O'Donnell video that went viral was not made public by her. And all those things are still being discussed.

They're going after public education to eliminate secular education and bring about a theocracy. They're rapidly completing this task in some areas. The proof is mandating trans-vaginal ultrasounds in women in Texas and other states, violating their bodies to do so, to harrass them for legal abortion procedures. So the principle is here, all it'll take is time to get right in the face of people legally here.

They're already making employment and social services (when privatized) meet a religious litmus test when they gain control of communities and legislatures. This is edict is on the same idea, taken to a ridiculous extreme with a captive female audience there, which the religious right is pushing here.

I've seen the videos of them saying women should not vote, don't need educations, need to focus on being homemakers only. Also attended churches, well-to-do congregations where this basic propaganda is taking over. I and other progressive believers were non-plussed when the women in women's home Bible studies, saying women should not speak in public, the church, or even in our study about such weighty matters as God and Scripture.

That place morphed from an open minded, giving church with people with introspection and working out what love for your fellow man was about, into an anti-government regulation, support the Bush wars, anti-poor and anti-abortion, etc. church.

They were not uneducated, but they were very wealthy people and brainwashed. They voted pure GOP as time went on and I saw women who attended who were open and had been educated and had jobs, go home to be homemakers and begin to spout the 'women should not speak' line. It's coming.

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