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Reply #91: 30 fraud cases a year? Not in my experience and I DEAL WITH WELFARE FRAUD [View All]

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happyslug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-08-11 12:51 AM
Response to Reply #90
91. 30 fraud cases a year? Not in my experience and I DEAL WITH WELFARE FRAUD
A state may have 3 a year, not 30. And that tells me your problem, I deal with Welfare all the time, the number of fraud cases are NO WHERE NEAR WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING. Yes, people talk about "Gaming" the system but when you actually look into the cases, such "gaming" rarely happens and when it does, it is quickly caught by conventional means, no need for extensive investigation.

Furthermore when it comes to "housing assistance, medical coverage, child coverage, education" we are dealing in areas that require someone with a CPA to look into. We are no longer talking about someone making a claim he or she is not entitled to, you are talking about a professional provider of services who is "cheating" the system. Such organizations are audited all of the time. Most undergo yearly audits by their own CPAs. We are talking about millions of dollars to do such audits, duplicate of audits already being done given most of these providers are corporations.

As to people "gaming" the system, I deal with people on Welfare on a daily basis in regards to various legal issues they have. If anyone is going to tell them how to "game" the system it is me. I have NEVER had a person ask me how to cheat the Welfare system, I have had to represent people on Welfare in Welfare Fraud cases and in all of the ones I have handle no intent to steal from welfare was ever even accused, more often then not it was an error by the Department of Welfare.

Yes, the system can be better, but lets understand people who have to deal with the Department of Welfare, quickly come to understand what Welfare wants from them and provide it. That is NOT someone "Gaming" the system, but understanding it and working within its framework. You have to understand the rules and follow them, that is NOT "Gaming" the system but following the rules. If someone violates the rules, the punishment is quick and severe, you lose benefits, so you learn to follow what is required. Thus the system DEMANDS what you say you oppose, and the reason such "gaming" is required is do to the demands of society that people getting these benefits only should get them if their "deserve" them. That is NOT the people in the welfare system's fault, but the demands we place on them, in many cases unreasonable demand, but demand, and then we criticize them when they do what we told them to do. That appears to be your objection, that people are following the rules, the system demands of them.

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