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Reply #37: And what do those 120,000 pay the people in them? [View All]

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Tansy_Gold Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-06-11 08:23 AM
Response to Reply #29
37. And what do those 120,000 pay the people in them?
A minimum wage that is half of what a "sustainable" or "living" wage ought to be?

Why do pukes hate work so much? (That's a rhetorical question; don't answer.)

Giving you a brief respite from Demeter's condo board woes, my artists' group board met yesterday, and one of the items on the agenda was suggested revisions to the "mission statement." The proposed statement began, "(Name of organization) is a group of talented, proficient artists. . . . . " There was consensus on removing "talented" since a.) it's redundant and b.) it's subjective. There was also consensus on changing "proficient" because it didn't apply. I proposed "working," since one of the requirements of membership is that the artist actually be producing art, and since one of the goals of the group is to help artists sell their work (pun intended), hobbyists who only dabble for their own enjoyment or to give to friends technically don't qualify for membership. And in fact, virtually all of our members are actively producing artwork (pun intended) for sale.

The change was accepted, but when the revised mission statement was emailed late last night, , the prez (a low level aristo who invited me to run for the board next month until I told her "No, because I tend to piss people off, and because I don't CARE that I piss people off) accompanied the attachment with this message: the word "working didn't seem right as it sounded like we all had jobs" i changed the first line to something I think all will like..... She left the mission statement reading ". . . a group of artists." Period.

I wrote back:

I do have a job. I didn't know a job was something to be ashamed of and not mentioned in polite company.

There's nothing wrong or negative about the word "working" when applied to artists In this context, it designates artists who are actually doing art, instead of a bunch of dabblers and dreamers and dilettantes who sit around and talk about art but never actually do it.

It doesn't mean the artist does nothing else or spends every waking moment on her or his art. It just means that they actually work at producing art.

By not describing what KIND of artists we are, the mission statement doesn't say all.

I for one am proud of the work I do as an artist. I'm proud to be a working artist, even if I can't devote myself to it full time the way I'd like. And I do work hard at creating my art, each and every piece of it. I'm really a bit insulted that someone thinks "working artist"is a bad thing.

"Work" is only for the poor, especially poor children in newtie's vision for America. "Work" is what the poor don't even know how to do. Yet how many days of honest labor has the exalted Mr. G. put in during his entire lifetime? Collecting millions of dollars for sitting on the board of an organization that is destroying jobs and homes and families is not "work."

Tansy Gold, becoming more of a Marxist every day.

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