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Reply #49: Ah yes, the DUgds. That's us, you nailed it right there. Yes you did. [View All]

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Safetykitten Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-02-11 11:18 AM
Response to Reply #38
49. Ah yes, the DUgds. That's us, you nailed it right there. Yes you did.
Edited on Fri Dec-02-11 11:43 AM by Safetykitten
You know, the ones with a job that pays 10 bucks an hour compared to 80,000 thousand a year. Those types, you got us good you did! Not that we are not happy to have a job, as many of us searched since 2008 for a job. Oh, and add those people like me with two college degrees! Oh, wait, we are the stupid ones too! Having committed the crime of being over 50 AND having a degree. But you have us sooooo dialed in. We know that you think we are fucking morons to not have a job, and have a degree. OR TWO! Yes, Accoring to the cult of personality here, we are guilty of the following:

Wrong degree(s)
Too many degrees
Wrong field
Not working in the government
Not working hard enough
Not playing the game
Not having a personality
Living in the wrong place
Not having experience HC fields
Not knowing enough about technology
Knowing too much about technology (programmers and such)
Aiming too high
Aiming too low
Not being the right kind of person (alluded to)

So do I have them all? Did I get that right according to the cadre of The President Obama Standards Protection League? It is important as we have issues to hide under the rug! It is so fucking amazing that our dear leader can be excused ANYTHING but a person out of work, or hideously underemployed? Fuck them!

Oh yes, you have the DUdg squad down pat. We are the misfits in a new world order of half-truths and propaganda that is practiced so freely on a site that is called ...what is the name? Oh yes! DEMOCRATIC! That's it! The first word! Not some moderate shit hole, but Democratic! This means something should it not? It means for the reality/history challenged a group that will ALWAYS fight for the little guy. But times have changed and we will accept really anything that has a kinda, maybe liberal stench, well kinda.

Notice the use of kinda well? Well that election coming up? We are going to do kinda well, as in kinda well loose, as we have simpering apologista and support of issues, real and tangible being swept away, from rights, to the economy, to the wars, to the budget and the list goes on. But keep on doing this wall around, and not question the motives of a group that likes to elected for the perks. Piss off the real people hurting and that's how you loose. So if we are doing so fucking well, how is it that Obama polls like a deranged Carter zombie? Oh yes, we are doing fucking great!

So it's my fault, and a am in a big club of our faults and no possible fault of the people leading us. We magically caved the economy, bought houses (I did not), so my blame number is a fraction below my fellow blamesters, that of couse unless we were doing employment stats, destroyed all vestiges of trust in our economy, Wall Street, finance, fair play, and justice.

Yes indeedy we did that ALL! And to think we are unemployed or underemployed! We did THAT!
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