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Reply #34: If we could follow the money trail, we'd know what motivates this. I'm not talking about donors. [View All]

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freshwest Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-01-11 12:56 PM
Response to Original message
34. If we could follow the money trail, we'd know what motivates this. I'm not talking about donors.
The USA and Israeli along with many 'western' nations are into arms and propping up first and second wave economic systems. Or there may be some banking connection, some elite family connections, but it doesn't matter. It's been a part of American foreign policy for almost as long as Israel was granted nationhood by the British, etc. it's a fact of political life, it's just there.

I don't believe the Founders would have agreed with the alliance for the reasons presented for the problems between the Israelis and the Palestinians. They rejected getting involved in the old world's millennial blood feuds which we really don't have a stake in. We cannot win, and neither side respects our system. But if what some allege is true, they are both our pawns, not the other way around.

There has been a concerted effort by the religious right to tie America's survival to the modern state of Israel as it currently exists, claiming it has a divine root that cannot be disputed. Those who believe this hope that Americans showing unquestioning allegiance will give Americans immunity from the coming wrath that they preach every Sunday. These fanatics dream of a planetary war slaughtering billions of non-believers, in which they will be spared and rule the Earth under old testament laws.

I'm not worried about AIPAC ruling the USA when they have so many Christians spewing this stuff year in and year out.That's where the power lies, those who frightening people to vote for the GOP or literally burning in hell for eternity for not supporting Israel.

The reasonable objection to USA support of Israeli is not rooted in anti-semitic-ism but the the belief in self-determination. That does not argue against Israel's right to exist. Allowing the Palestinians their own state is self-determination, too, just as allowing Israel to exist was promoted as a safe haven for an ethnic minority who was being persecuted. It may have been about something else entirely, but after a while what's promoted becomes reality. Generations of people have worked to continue these myths, if they are myths.

For some people the creation of Israel is a sort of people coming to America for religious freedom argument, but they colonists came here to make money in the colonies, so that's the money angle. Was there any money to be made in the creation of Israel? I'll leave that to the conspiracy folks. They may have a bead on it, but it won't change the world's acceptance of the status quo in the Middle East at this point, without some incredible discovery that will galvanize the world into ending the conflicts there.

Israel is accused of following the colonial model, which is, and should be offensive to Americans. They don't have the same Constitutional rights as we have here, but are called a democracy. I won't defend either side as America has enough of her own problems to work out without meddling with other nations' affairs. Exception to being offended to the colonial model being the fundies who find any opposition to their view of reality and God damning and worthy of death.

Self-determination was one of FDR's tenets he wanted to push after the end of WW2, but since he didn't live to continue that, things have regressed to how they were before that light of following democratic ideals was taken from us. And in many ways, we have roughly become what we fought against in WW2, in terms of business and social changes as we stumble into fascism.

I just can't help but feel there is something we're not being told. something big, that would change everything if it was revealed. That would give a push to solve the conflict over there and get us out of this high-powered, over-hyped media circus in campaigns where things are so biased. it's all love and hate, them and us in the corporate controlled media. OWS has done a great job in revealing the extent to which we're controlled by the financial cabals of this world, but done so without hatred.

We don't need to hate or get angry at either side over there. It was never intended to have foreign lobbyists in Congress pushing these old world battles. Nor should we get involved with what they are doing over there, because if we fund one side or the other, our money will continue those feuds which they would have exhausted themselves with and made peace.

I won't condemn Obama for trying to keep a coalition together, even though I don't support any involvement abroad as I believe America's best chance to influence the world is with a good example, not weaponry. But hey, what do I know. In our private lives we can generally pick and choose who we associate with and feel at peace about it. Presidents don't have that luxury. It's easy for me to sit here at a keyboard and be so pure and certain.

LOL at myself.

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