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Reply #21: So you seem to think. [View All]

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go west young man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-29-11 04:06 PM
Response to Reply #9
21. So you seem to think.
Injustice at home and abroad affect foreign policy abroad. It affects the US as an honest partner in bilateral agreements.
It affects the reputation of the United States and those who serve her. The reputation of the United States is currently
quite dismal around the world. Abiding by international law can only enhance it's standing. I see it as foolish and harmful
to miss an opportunity to show that we are better than countries like Belarus or Myanmar.

You seem to believe the US can do no wrong. Considering the current state of US affairs that attitude has gotten the US
into a lot of trouble. Can do no wrong in Iraq. Can do no wrong foreign policy. Can do no wrong financial system. Can do
no wrong bought congress. Can do no wrong militarized police. Looks to the rest of the world that the US has done plenty
of wrong. There is a thing called the internet these days. You should use it.

Here's a link to what the EU MP's are concerned about for those that are interested.
Top of the list is Manning's 17 month confinement without being given his day in court and his being placed on "prevention of injury" status despite
medical personnel signing off that he wasn't a danger to himself. The military does this so they can keep you in solitary and keep waking you. It is
sleep deprivation which is tantamount to torture.

Juan Mendez' who was formerly a prisoner of the Argentinian regime of Pinochet is the UN rapporteur seeking justice for Bradley.

Personally I feel Bradley Manning could be the best soldier the US military has ever had. If what is alleged is true. He exposed injustice and murder.
He may have also leaked the documents that led to the entire Middle East uprising by exposing the back hand dealings of the US govt with despots
and dictators. Hence we have now had governments overthrown in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. Whilst Bahrain, UAE, and Syria are on the brink with people seeking
freedom from the very same dictators the US chooses to do business with. The cat is out of the bag and Bradley Manning may be the soldier who
did more for US foreign policy than any other soldier in history. The entire US war machine took more than a decade to overthrow 2 poor countries
whilst one US soldier may have single handedly overthrown the entire fucking Middle East! Give that man a fucking medal! He's the best thing to come
out of America in ages.
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