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happyslug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-28-11 02:14 PM
Original message
There are problems using a Pistol for self defense
Most of the problem involved the "Two Second Rule". The "Two Second Rule" comes from the fact it takes at least two seconds for you to see something and to react to it. For example if you have someone in your sights and tell him to drop his pistol, he will have pulled his pistol and killed you, before you can react to his pulling his gun and shooting. Furthermore a pistol requires some distance from any attacker, at least a couple of feet away from you, but also that the attacker be within range, generally 25 feet. The reason for this is if the attacker charges, he or she will have to on the ground before you can pull the trigger.

Do to the "Two Second Rule", the better weapon is a Shotgun or Rifle. Mostly do to both can be fired AND hit a target at longer range (And within three feet can be used as a club). In a home I recommend a short barrel (at least minimum legal barrel length of 18 inches). One of the best is an old fashioned double barrel shotgun. Do to its design it can be 3-4 inches shorter then any pump and yet be within legal limits of 18 inch barrel, 26 inches overall. Given that the average shoot out is two bullets, a double barrel is good enough.

Yes, it is a bit of a problem going from you car to your home with a Shotgun or a Rifle (as opposed to a Pistol) but in such situations if you are attacked the chances of you ever being able to pull the pistol in minimal (The best way to handle such situation is to adopt what the Army called "Bounding Over-watch" i.e. one person looks out for the person moving, then the second person moves out while the first person looks. Rifles are the best for this situation since you do NOT want to hit the person you are over-watching.

Just my comments, I have carried pistols in the past, but whenever I look at the situations where I would have pulled it, I would have preferred a rifle, shotgun OR a knife (A knife is best in close in fighting, i.e. within three feet of the attacker). As to knife I do not like the large knives you see at the gun stores, but a short five inch knife like my father used to butcher hogs with (He would shot the hog with a 22 long rifle, then I would pull up a leg so he could then use the knife to cut the hog's jugular). Longer knives are just to big to move around when needed and four to five inches is all you really need.

Pistol have there place, but those places are limited. The first use of Pistols was by Calvarymen who used one hand to carry their saber, the other for the pistol. The second use was as a symbol of rank to replace the Officer's Sword (This had more importance in the days of the US Civil War and before, the enlisted ranks, if they could not follow their officer, followed his sword, and later pistol, which he held over his head).

Police started to carry pistols in the mid 1800s, again mostly as a symbol of importance (rank) then any real effectiveness. These pistols later improved, but then to be pulled when the Officer did not have time to go back and get a Rifle or Shotgun (Thus police liked the 38 special for decades, easy to learn to shoot with minimum training unlike the 45 which required a good bit of constant practice). The 9mm is very similar to the 28 Special and suffers the same problems (Low stopping power) and advantages (easy to learn to shoot).

Today, a pistol is best used where you would normally have carried a Rifle, but for various reasons did not (and you do NOT have time to go back and get a Rifle). To close, the pistol can be manhandled away, to far, hard to hit a target. If someone gets his or her hands on you, it is to close to use a pistol, if the attacker is further away, the better option is a rifle or Shotgun.

Just comments on your choice of weapons.
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