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Reply #21: I understand your questions, but store security should have prevented so many people coming in. [View All]

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freshwest Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-27-11 11:21 AM
Response to Reply #6
21. I understand your questions, but store security should have prevented so many people coming in.
WalMart has had incidents of unruly crowds trampling to death the employees opening the door, as happened a few years back at a Black Friday store opening. They then permitted shopping to continue, as the store employees/security, not paid/numerous enough to resist, just let the mob in.

That is why security should have been more, not less; but at the door to allow for orderly conditions inside the venue.

But I think people ought to consider what they do with their time and energy and what they are showering their love upon. Camping outside the store to get some item is a form of mental illness, IMO.

Is it really that important? Is it some shallow sense of status, of having 'won' something over others, the 'thrill of the hunt' over chunks of plastic, or whatever? We're not talking people fighting in a line over food, water or even a cause.

This is the love of dead things as promoted by media and that the possession of these dead things is more important than civility, community or life and limb in this case.

I understand the reason the man wanted more security. People don't get unruly and trample each other, for example, in lines inside of a bank because they know they'll get in trouble. He might be envisioning something orderly like that, but even condemning the general lack of civility and respect for others, doesn't come close to the reason those people were all there.

They thought they could buy happiness from their chance to compete for a dead thing. Can we get any more irrational than this? Can we please just wake up from this nightmare now?

That being said, the man and his family are traumatized. I hope they can avoid having to shop at a WalMart again. But even then, he is still buying the lie that advertising sold his family.

But I lived in a rural town with several shopping options, all small businesses, until WalMart came in and did their price-fixing ploy just long enough to sucker in the locals. The majority of people in the area were low income, work not being that plentiful.

WalMart did what was once illegal and which eliminated the competition, closing all the other places down. Then jacked the prices up, because they had NO competition, they were the ONLY place left for over fifty miles to shop for food, clothing, etc. This may be the case where this gentleman lives.

The Black Friday mentality is mindlessness. People are so hyped up by commercials, and the kids even more so that see more media than their parents, most likely, that they are in a frenzy to get some frigging piece of crap. That will end up the land fill, has no lasting value as an investment, does nothing for their family's bottom line.

This is part of the reason that the 1% feel such disdain, I imagine, that the 99% are so easily shammed into throwing their time, energy and money away on trifles. In other words, 'monkey see, monkey do,' is what's going on here.

I hope this will teach a larger lesson to people in that community about what's really important: a roof over your head, clean food, water and air, health and family.

The police were definitely out of line, but they shouldn't have been necessary. With thinking people, this would not have happened. This is how we impoverish ourselves, by following the herd.


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