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Reply #31: The woman lied, there is no doubt about that. [View All]

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sabrina 1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-27-11 12:48 AM
Response to Reply #28
31. The woman lied, there is no doubt about that.
She lied so much that the entire story she told, including the lies she told the Grand Jury (for which she may still be prosecuted), did not match any of the actual evidence. She apparently forgot about the electronic door key, and his phone among other things.

But additional to all that the prosecutor, who more than anyone else, really wanted this case NOT to fall apart, had to admit in the end, there is now video which was taken in the hotel showing two of her cohorts high-fiving each other and doing a 'celebratory' dance right after the supposed 'attack' when DSK had just left the room. She was not in the hallway cringing and hiding as she stated, there is no doubt now as to where she was. She was a very busy woman for someone who claimed that she was 'devasted'. The evidence shows otherwise.

Sorry but there never was a case here, and shame on the prosecutor who knew this but held off on dropping the case until AFTER the date of the French Presidential primary had passed. There is also the fact that someone at the Sofitel Hotel called Sarkozy's presidential residence that night, and the close friendship of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Sarkozy.

There is simply no excuse for the fact that this case lasted a day after the arrest when we now know that there were problems almost immediately with the woman's testimony. He is womanizer, doesn't make him a rapist and he was stupid considering he had just received a message on his phone warning him that he might be set up. The phone disappeared, and has never been retrieved even though the cops originally claimed to have found it.

All of this has been verified, proven, beyond a doubt. There was no case. The woman, imo, did not know she was part of a set-up, if there was one, but it's more than likely she was used. Still no information on where all the money that was in her various accounts came from. Since she has been proven to be a liar, her claim that 'she doesn't know where it came from' is hardly believable.

DSK and his wife are now suing a number of people, including Sarkozy's political party. More is likely to be revealed, and he did have some of this country's best investigators working for him, so it's likely he knows a lot more than we do at this point.

Murdoch's rag, the NY POST, together with a French version of Breitbart were responsible for the spreading of most of the lies told about the case in the beginning. But for those who really wanted facts, it didn't take long to figure out that something was very wrong with this from the beginning.

If it's true that DSK would not have gone along with the Austerity program being imposed on Greece at the time, supported by Merkel, then a lot of people lost as a result of what happened. Mostly the people of Greece. Watching some of his speeches before all this happened, I could see why the Big Banks would have had a problem with him. And yes, he should have known better regarding his personal life. So should a lot of people.
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