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Diclotican Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-25-11 08:23 PM
Response to Reply #8
13. SpartanDem

Im sorry to say, this have been the case for many years now allerady.. And it is some truth to it, not that everyone is getting a "better deal" than native norwigians - by far most is just getting by as everyone else on welfare I guess.. But some peopole is gaming the system, and it looks like many in the public sector ar either not willing, or not able to understand when pepole is gaming the system to get benefits they should not be given by law.. In the last decade or so, in many news papers, histories about refugees gaming the system, and make ten of thousands of dollars out of it. That bite hard, when yourself get 800 NKR, when I had to get to the welfare office, and even then I had to give evidence, by my bank statement,that I dosen't had any other means of making myself some money.. The lady behind the desk proberly belived I would use the 800 on drugs I suspect, even tho I used it on food...

I doubt that we wil ever get a US style of "social safty net".. We know how lucy we do have, who have a decent safty net when you need it. Even tho it is far from perfect, I know a lot of it, and I have experienced the worst of the worst, and had a break down as a resoult of it.. Was on the verge og killing myself when the whole world was hitting my head.. Thankfully I managed to get true it, and survived it all. But I would not even give my worste enemy that treatement...

But we might also discover the limits fo been nice to everyone in the world. We are a small, mostly homogen, nolotic population, and I guess we have reatch a limit for what we really can do, withouth a disussing about what to do next, when it came to emigration and refugees from diferent parts of the world.. This is something that many nations discover that it is not that easy to manage parts of the population who just dosen't want to integrate into the socity, and who are making themselfs ghettoes in larger city, where no white man is "allowed" legal or othervice.. It is a mess where I dobut we ever have been before... And i doubt that we can get a easy answer to it either.. But I strongly belive one thing, refugees and imigrants from all over the world, who deside Norway to be their home, must integrate into the socity, even tho if they keep parts of their own culture inside their own hallways, they just have to accept what is the "norm" in Norway.. It is that easy, be part of Norway, have all the benefites and duties as an norwigian, and be treated as a norwigian, regardness of the collor of your skin, or who you are from..

But, Norway is far from that ideal yet - we might never came to that either, but at least we, as norwigians can try to do it as bes as we can...


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