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Diclotican Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-25-11 07:23 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. Ash_F
Edited on Fri Nov-25-11 07:24 PM by Diclotican


No, it is not a "code word" for anything bad, At least it was not what I had the point to write. As in US where the Right wing really have made a habit on telling that everyone who doesn't is white, anglo-saxon and talk english perfect, are bad.. You might call BS all you want but it is some, not everyone, who have really trouble getting into how Norway works.. I have worked with a few of them, some is willing to learn, and learn fast and good.. Some have trouble "understand" how Norway is really working.. And misunderstanding is often the case when bad communication from both sides are making things worse than it maybe was before.. But then, the media in most of Europa, is far different from what is the case in US.. We doesn't have all this "hate-radio" in our airwaves.. And most European nations, also have a strict media law, some have outright "sensor" about what to say on public airwaves, as the State "own" the air, and give licenses to broadcasters. The licenses can, and have been revokes sometimes also if the publisher have acted out..

By all means, emigration is also a part of the new brave world, even tho I suspect the emigrations who travel all the way to the US, are little more willing to get a grasp of US, than some of our emigrants, who doesn't _want_ to learn Norwegian (not that I blame them, Norwegian are not an easy language to learn even when you are willing, and are getting all the help in language classes and so one) And it is not that you are just put in a house, and then you fend for yourself. You is getting all the tools necessary to get into things, and if you can not write and read, you will get education on your own level, and teachers who learn you your own language from day one..

Our country do business with the rest of the world, and we also help a lot of people to a better life by helping them into the country, and provide a lot of help to them, in the hope that we can do better for them, even tho they came from cultures that is foreign for us.. And most of the "foreigner" from Asia and Africa is not Emigrates in the form of what is best known in US for the last 250-300 year.. They are refugees from all over the place.. And some groups of refugees are not as easy to integrate as other groups of refugees I'm afraid about.. Specially in a small country like Norway.. Of course, in a country like the US, who have more than 300 mill people, is it not the same, as when you have 230-240 thousand in a population of about 4.7 million...

But, I guess you already know far better than everyone one else, that is best for Norway, and just put me on ignore as a "right wing stupid as".. Even when I try to explain for you, that not everything is that easy as you like to se the world. I guess information is something that many americans doesn't like to much about.. Specially when the information are not that easy to understand all the time..

To me it sounds more like you are the ignorant one, because you "jump" to conclusions long before you get all the fact on the table, and automatic believe, because you have heard before that right wingers are telling how tings are in US, the same is the case half the globe away from you... And I have to say I'm also little tired about ignorant people who have no clue about the rest of the world, and have the ugly habit of not even been able to pick out your own country on the map, even failing on a whole continent sometimes... That is far worse...

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