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Reply #107: One reason I would be afraid to actively participate in a protest is that [View All]

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tblue37 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-25-11 12:15 PM
Response to Reply #75
107. One reason I would be afraid to actively participate in a protest is that
I know cops Tase at the drop of a hat, and with my heart condition, I fear that a Tase-happy cop could kill me just for the lulz, which is apparently one of the main motivators for their use of Tasers and pepper spray!

The body language of Lt. Pike as he sprayed the UCDavis protesters made it apparent that a lot of what he was doing was getting his jollies. He held up the canister of pepper spray in a very self-consciously dramatic way, obviously showing off his dominance and super-cool badassedness for the crowd to be awed by. Then he strutted down the line of protesters not once, but twice, repeatedly spraying them--again, in a way that just screamed, "I am soooo cool! I am such a badass!" He was loving every moment of it, and he was obviously doing it because it was just so darned much fun for him.

I think that is also what is going on with the way the cops Tase everyone. They are just looking for an excuse to demonstrate dominance with these "cool" toys, and they obviously have not been adequately trained in the potential for serious and possibly fatal consequences.

Furthermore, fatalities can easily result from Tasing, even if the person doesn't die from an arrhythmia caused by the shock. My guess is that the man in this story probably fell off his bike and hit his head, thus causing his death from the blow to the head.

Of course, since he suffered from seizures, the shock could have caused a really bad seizure, and that could have caused his death, too.

But the young bike rider who was Tased while riding his bike, and who then fell off his bike and was run over by the stupid cop's car, is another example of the way Tasing can lead to fatalities, even when the shock itself doesn't cause death.

Rachel Maddow pointed out in one of her shows that these non-lethal weapons (the descriptor should actually be less lethal, since they actually do a lot of cause deaths!) do not get used instead of guns in situations in which guns would otherwise be used. Instead, they give cops an incentive to use force in situations in which negotiation and de-escalation would have been used if the cops didnt have such toys to play with.

Thus, instead of reducing the use of force, these weapons just expand the number of ways for cops to introduce force into a situation in which no one is being threatened with violence or physical harmuntil the cops themselves introduce violence and physical harm into the situation.

The fact that people like me are intimidated (terrorized) away from using our First Amendment rights, because we fear being killed by Tase-happy cops if we dare to exercise those rights, is obviously a denial of those rights.
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