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Reply #28: That's exactly where we are now. Little stimulus attempts, none [View All]

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jtuck004 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-11-11 10:16 AM
Response to Reply #13
28. That's exactly where we are now. Little stimulus attempts, none
of which are sufficient whether taken individually or in sum, much of which has been directed at banks and the wealthy,
(as if making their lives better will enrich the rest of us). Multiple smaller plans would give the opposition repeated opportunities to preach their message, ie "evil socialism, spending too much, etc" (conservative talk show hosts would love it). Frankly, if people haven't figured out by now that the Republicans are voting against jobs, against the security of this nation, they are partisan and nothing you or anyone else can do is going to change their minds.

Today there are 50 million of our neighbors with no health insurance (increasing in number), 45 million on food stamps (increasing in number), over 650,000 living in homes that have been foreclosed on but not taken by banks because there are 3 million foreclosed homes already on their books (increasing in number) and another 5 million or more homes yet to be foreclosed on. There are 8000 people a day turning 65, and according to the SS Administration fully a third of them have no other income - none - than social security. The ONLY thing between them and utter poverty (SS) is being used as a bargaining chip. By a Democratic president.

Millions of people are hurting. And we should waste our time (and their lives) on plans that don't do enough?

The year before the current administration took office we lost 4.5 million jobs. In the first year we lost another 4.5 million. That plans and policies didn't emerge as a call to save the nation was jaw-dropping. Instead the policies became about finger-pointing and a grab-bag of progressive ideas, virtually none of which did anything for job creation. (Although women are now more easily able to sue AFTER they have been screwed over in the workplace).

Jobs were not the first priority, and minimum wage Home Health Care Aide jobs are the fastest growing job in the nation. The U6 unemployment rate tells us there are about 24 million people wanting full-time work who cannot find jobs, yet the unemployment rate went down a bit in the past month. It dropped, not because enough jobs were created, but because more people quit actively looking for work (called marginally attached on the BLS jobs report), because they know there are no jobs for them. (Check the JOLTS survey - only 3.5 million jobs available). That's a terrible result after 3 years work, and excuses pale in comparison to the misery in some people's lives.

We are living with the result of repeated small, weak, and insufficient efforts. Why do more of the same?

It may be kind of an academic exercise, however, based on recent history. There has been nothing at all put forward which seems to be up to the task of proposing what we need to do for the future of this country. It's too bad, but the result is we are almost holding the door open and writing the scripts and speeches for the opposition.

I think most politicians believe the unemployed don't vote. Next year may be different, because there will be more newly unemployed people, more working poor (who didn't used to be) - people who are used to voting - than there were 3 years ago. And with no plan to put a really large percentage of them back to work the results may be really ugly.

We will see...
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