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Reply #8: LOL! How dare the OAS support a democratically elected government in Venezuela, oppose a [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-07-11 01:08 PM
Response to Original message
8. LOL! How dare the OAS support a democratically elected government in Venezuela, oppose a
rightwing/military coup d'etat in Honduras and refuse to be dictated to by the U.S.!

It's hard to choose among the funny parts of this story but one of them is that the rightwing opposition in Venezuela knows better than anyone how democratic Venezuela is--honest, transparent elections, abundant free speech, in fact, big rightwing advantage in the media--so that they were able to make significant gains in the recent National Assembly elections and can even dream of Chavez dying of cancer and winning the presidency next time. Somehow they've got to keep up this "dictator" shit--until they get elected in the system that the "dictator" helped create!

Like our people during the "New Deal" era, electing FDR to four terms in office, Venezuelans are likely to keep electing Chavez as long as he's on his feet and willing, because he is their "FDR"--but like the Republicans here, then, the rightwing opposition in Venezuela can dream of, say, finding an Eisenhower among their ranks--a "centrist" behind whom they can hide for a while, as they scheme to loot and dismantle Venezuela's "New Deal" and restore the rich to power. This is possible, in a democracy, with sufficient "organized money" (as FDR put it) to work with. They have plenty of money (and not just their USAID funding). Their whining and carrying on about "socialism" cutting into their riches and "dictator Chavez" destroying "democracy" is utter bullshit and they know it. So they have a real problem when a frothing-at-the mouth fascist propagandist like Connie Mack (FL-Diebold) disses Venezuela's democracy. What if they win, in Venezuela's very fair system?

That is one funny. Another is Connie Mack seeking to punish the OAS for its defense of democracy in Honduras--by asserting the opposite of the truth--that the OAS is somehow "destroying democracy" in Latin America by its insisentence on honest elections (non-U.S. State Dept.-rigged elections) in Honduras. Mack considers rightwing coup d'etats and U.S.-rigged elections to be "democracy." In short, Mack now hates the OAS because the OAS has resisted U.S. DICTATION.

And how has it come about that the OAS has finally gotten some balls? Because democracy has succeeded, spectacularly, in Brazil (lead country on restoring democracy in Honduras), Venezuela (first country to peacefully defeat a U.S.-supported coup d'etat), Argentina (leader of the economic resistance to U.S.-dominated World Bank/IMF looters of LatAm countries), Bolivia (elected first Indigenous president, peacefully defeated U.S.-supported white separatist insurrection), Ecuador (the left has provided the first stable government in decades--another "New Deal" in progress), Uruguay (like Brazil, elected a president who had been imprisoned by the U.S.-supported dictator), Paraguay (first leftist EVER elected in Paraguay, after 60 years of rightwing impoverishment including a heinous dictatorship), Peru (the poor ravaged by Bushhwhack "free trade for the rich," just elected a leftist government), Nicaragua (elected Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas to run the country--same people Reagan thugs made war on), El Salvador (ditto--FMLN elected to run the country), Guatemala (first leftist government since the Reagan thugs overthrew the last one and slaughtered tens of thousands of Mayan Indigenous).

These countries in particular, where democracy has succeeded so well that people are ABLE TO elect governments that act in the interest of the people, the country and the region--and won't be DICTATED TO by the U.S. and its corporations and war profiteers--have altered the politics of the OAS, and, indeed, have changed the political, social and economic landscape of Latin America for the better. Latin America has become more democratic than it has EVER been--and has also demonstrated startling economic growth and widely-distributed prosperity, in defiance of all "Wall Street" DICTATES against social spending, public works and regulation. Nearly 10% economic growth over a 5 year period in Venezuela (during the worst of the Bushwhack efforts to topple the Chavez government); Venezuela just designated "THE most equal country in Latin America" (by the UN Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean); 8% percent economic growth in Argentina last year and 10% this year--Argentina, the worst "neo-liberal" basketcase, now with high employment, good wages, booming business and lots of social spending. Bolivia--one of the poorest countries in the region--now with 5%-6% economic growth. Brazil! Such spectacular growth that even "Wall Street" 'analysts' have to take note, though they will NEVER acknowledge the reason: LEFTIST government!

Connie Mack doesn't want a democratic OAS. He wants an OAS that he and his corporate/war profiteer sponsors can DICTATE to, and a Latin America that they can freely loot, plunder and oppress.

So why should the U.S. pay its membership dues to an organization that it can no longer DICTATE TO in the interests of the super-rich? foaming out of the mouth, skin turning purple with rage, wads of thousand dollar bills leaking out of every suit pocket) "the OAS is bent on destroying democracy in Latin America!"


But there is more that is interestingly funny about this situation, and part of it is this: Even in countries that haven't yet succeeded in electing leftist (majorityist) governments yet, and even among rightwing and "centrist" leaders, a new resistance has arisen to U.S. dictates and U.S. interference. Back in 2006, when Bush Jr. did his "tour" of Latin America, Mexico's rightwing president, Calderon, publicly lectured Junior on the sovereignty of Latin American countries, using Venezuela as the example. Of course, Calderon was about to sell out Mexico to the murder and mayhem of the U.S. "war on drugs" but still, it's notable that he felt obliged to publicly declaim his devotion to LatAm sovereignty. Recently, a consortium of Mexican former presidents and other leaders have denounced the U.S. "war on drugs" and called for drug legalization. Colombia--the blood-soaked paradigm of U.S. interference, which the Bushwhacks were trying to use to get up a war against its oil-rich neighbors, Venezuela and Ecuador--has rejected that policy, made peace with its neighbors and is pursuing "south-south" trade and cooperation--the signatures of leftist policy in the region.

Which brings me to CELAC, a new organization that every LatAm country has joined and that has specifically excluded the U.S., and its corporate ally Canada, as members. Some have called it "the anti-OAS." But it is much more than that. It is the harbinger and mechanism for a NEW Latin America, acting cooperatively as a political/economic power in the world, based on the independence, sovereignty and democracy of the member countries. The impetus for the creation of CELAC has certainly been U.S. bullying and domination of the OAS but a far more positive current runs beneath it and beneath the entirety of the remarkable leftist democracy movement that has swept most of South America and parts of Central America. That current is our own "Declaration of Independence," our own rebellion at being ruled by a distant tyrannical power, our own example of democracy, self-rule, progressive social justice and human and civil rights. We were the first to declare our independence. Latin America followed suit, some time later, also declaring its independence from colonial rule, and, then and there, with Simon Bolivar, the dream was born that Latin America could pull together and defend its independence and its peoples' rights. It has taken a long time--for various reasons (among them, the U.S. replacing Europe as the colonial oppressor)--but that is what we are looking at, with CELAC, and all these other remarkable developments. Independence.

So now we have corporate-run 'TRADE SECRET' voting machines here, and a Scumbag Congress with a 12% approval rating trying to destroy everything most of us hold dear about our country--everything we hold in common, everything we do for the common good, everything we have ever aspired to, as the first democracy in the modern world--with fascist operatives like Connie Mack trying to destroy the rebirth of democracy in the rest of the hemisphere.

Not funny, I guess--except in a "black humor" sort of way. ("Dr. Strangelove"?)

What's "funny"--odd, hard to figure--is why he wants to harm the OAS, where U.S. corporations and war profiteers at least still have a voice, with their U.S. and Canadian government advocates as members. Probably he doesn't really want to see the OAS go down, but is just trying to bully its leaders. He may have specific--possibly even personal--goals (telecommunications, sweatshops, in Honduras? war profiteering in Colombia, Honduras and Mexico? cocaine interests?)--or he may just be acting as a general operative for such interests--interests, for instance, that might have to pay some social dues in Honduras, with the OAS peace plan there which includes constitutional reform, or banksters interested in the illicit cocaine profits out of Colombia smoothly flowing north, or the other biggie, oil--using the OAS, for instance, to 'sanction" Venezuela on false "human rights" charges, and even trying, by proxy, to get the OAS to "sanction" Venezuela on false "terrorist" changes, in order to soften it up--Iraq-wise--for destabilization/toppling of whatever kind (Oil War IV?), to get those oil profits out of the hands of the poor and their advocates, and into Exxon Mobil's bloated coffers. He doesn't want to destroy the OAS. He wants to bully and dictate to it, on certain important matters of interest to "organized money."

Hillary Clinton successfully bludgeoned the OAS into the U.S. State Department using the OAS name for an egregiously rigged election in Haiti. This sort of pressure on the OAS is by no means limited to the Bushwhack Party. But the politics of it, here, are interesting as well. Is this Connie Mack destructiveness--not paying OAS dues--the result of Clinton COMPROMISING on Honduras--giving a bit on OAS democracy demands, in exchange for legitimizing the rightwing government that she installed in Honduras (with a U.S. State Department-engineered "election")?

That could be it. The insatiable fascists, backed by Diebold, never compromise. They don't have to. And, by God, they will withdraw from the OAS before they will permit democracy in a U.S. client state that they took such trouble to overthrow the democracy of!


LOL! It's falling on the floor, tears streaming from our eyes, funny! And not.


:rofl: :cry: :rofl: :cry: :nuke: :cry: :rofl: :cry: :rofl:

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