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Reply #94: It's insulting you don't think I am aware of that side of the story. [View All]

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joshcryer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-08-11 11:23 AM
Response to Reply #90
94. It's insulting you don't think I am aware of that side of the story.
Edited on Tue Feb-08-11 11:31 AM by joshcryer
But given that you have swallowed it whole without question, I would cite these two books:

Something happened to both Cuba and the United States back then (though somewhat earlier in the United States), something ironically quite similar on historical terms. The American labor movement in the United States, Industrial Workers of the World, was implicitly anarchist. The plutocrats over time squashed that movement, and the USA trended toward corporation controlled fascist plutocratic capitalism. Whole groups would be arrested for protesting, one after another. Two world wars helped to quell the IWW.

Likewise, in Cuba, the revolutionary anarchists were squashed by Garca Menocal, but something slightly different happened, there. The anarchists successfully had insurrection against the capitalists, and slowly were taken over by the communists (statists or Marxists). And yet again, war played a part in the dwindling nature of the libertarian socialists (The Spanish Civil War, which had Cuban anarchist involvement). But still, Batista gained control, and with the help of the anarchists Castro and his goons overthrew Batista. For the anarchists, however, it was too late. They were heavily repressed, far beyond the IWW in some respects (because the IWW fell into obscurity because of the world wars that lasted years), many were executed and forced to undergo torture beyond anything you can comprehend today (the Spaniard anarchists also employed psychologically torture, so I'm not saying this was a unique process). Trending Cuba toward state controlled totalitarian autocratic communism.

I'm sorry that my side of history disagrees with yours, but the Castro regime was never a progressive one, but both countries enjoyed a brief period of time where free expression reigned. And I expect both will again some day soon. Though I will not give the US one iota of credit for its coming revolution, but I am sure that the Castro-ians will demand credit for theirs.

Only real reason that the US hasn't turned into Chile or Batista's Cuba or Spain or whatever depotic country you can think if is our First Amendment. Free speech, free press, free assembly, which some American's take for granted, but others defend vigorously, forces change.
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