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Reply #8: Inadequately surveilled with the Merton's Molly R. in Pitt. [View All]

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MikeMc Donating Member (636 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-04-10 01:30 PM
Response to Original message
8. Inadequately surveilled with the Merton's Molly R. in Pitt.
During Poppy bush's Iraq war, when 'Operation Desert Shield' became 'Operation Desert Sword' (or Storm), I received a protest arrest (on Forbes Ave. by Market Square) for 'obstruction of traffic'. I chose to perform community service hours with the Mertons out on Penn Ave, because I liked their Plowshares involvement with Berrigan, their backing from our Labor Priest, Father Rice, and their involvement with CISPES and liberation theologists (who opposed all of the '80's - '90's death-squad 'unpleasantness' that l'il bush transplanted to Iraq a few short years ago, with the Negroponte-era 'Salvador option'.) The current pope declared open season on lib theologians down Central America, recently.

At the time, the Reagan FBI's Cointelpro had just been caught (illegally) surveilling the Catholic Archdiocese of Cleveland, the United Auto Workers (Coca cola is killing labor union members in Colombia today), and the Maryknoll Sisters (pistol-packing nuns, supposedly) -- those groups were targeted along with 200 of the other 'usual suspect' orgs.

While I worked for the Merton's, their phones would constantly emit odd sounds (bleeps, buzzes, partial rings, etc.), audible to everyone in the room, even if nobody was on the phone with a caller. I brought it up around seven office staffers, including the heavy hitters. They said they had been having those telecom problems quite frequently, lately. I complained that we were getting ripped off as taxpayers, because the TIA-style budget, that we paid taxes for, should be letting the gov surveil us without annoying tell-tale 'squeaks'. No laughs. What a bunch of humorless people.

Rummy (allegedly) shit-canned the Poindexter Total Info Awareness program, once media caught on to its existence. But like Negroponte, his Iran Contra co-defendant, Poindexter didn't die or fade away.

Philosophically speaking, the best thing to do is say this -- "Where's the mike? Where's the camera? We are right. We're not afraid."
Then laugh, because we are better than repugs, nazis, teabaggers, and the rest of the mutants. I may never know you, but I have your back for all legal anti-nazi repug activity in Pgh.
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