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Reply #38: to a Dominionist this is government.. GOP is run by the Dominionists..Link>> [View All]

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sam sarrha Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Apr-18-10 10:42 AM
Response to Reply #29
38. to a Dominionist this is government.. GOP is run by the Dominionists..Link>>
"snip...Leo Strauss was born in 1899 and died in 1973. ... He is most famous for resuscitating Machiavelli and introducing his principles as the guiding philosophy of the neo-conservative movement. ... More than any other man, Strauss breathed upon conservatism, inspiring it to rise from its atrophied condition and its natural dislike of change and to embrace an unbounded new political ideology that rides on the back of a revolutionary steed, hailing even radical change; hence the name Neo-Conservatives.

Significantly, Dominionism is a form of Social Darwinism.<48> It inherently includes the religious belief that wealth-power is a sign of Gods election. That is, out of the masses of people and the multitude of nations, wealth, in and of itself, is thought to indicate Gods approval on men and nations whereas poverty and sickness reflect Gods disapproval.

(It was not until I read this article that I realized that this is a fundamental tenet of Dominionists.

Worldly wealth and power are signs of God's favor -- to attempt to limit or decrease one's wealth and power is to disrespect God.

On the contrary, God's elect on Earth are called upon to increase their wealth and power.

It is not sufficient for a man to be a millionaire, or for a country to have sovereignty within its borders -- a man must strive to increase his wealth as much as possible, and a Dominionist government's behavior toward its neighbors must be "invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity".

Furthermore, any attempt to decrease a person's or a country's wealth and power -- to take from the rich to give to the poor, to reduce military spending and power -- is a direct attack on God.)

If Secular Humanists are the greatest threat to Christianity the world has ever known, as theologian Francis Schaeffer claimed, then who are the Humanists? According to Dominionists, humanists are the folks who allow or encourage licentious behavior in America. They are the undisciplined revelers.

Put all the enemies of the Dominionists together, boil them down to liquid and bake them into the one single most highly derided and contaminated individual known to man, and you will have before you an image of the quintessential liberal -- one of those folks who wants to give liberally to the poor and needy -- who desires the welfare and happiness of all Americans -- who insists on safety regulations for your protection and who desires the preservation of your values -- those damnable people are the folks that must be reduced to powerlessness -- or worse: extinction.

What would a reconstructed America look like under the Dominionists? K.L. Gentry, a Dominionist himself, suggests the following elements of a theonomic approach to civic order, which I strongly suggest should be compared to the Texas GOP platform of 2002, which reveals that we are not just talking about imaginary ideas but some things are already proposed on Republican agendas.<60> Dominionisms concept of government according to Gentry is as follows:

1. It obligates government to maintain just monetary policies ... fiat money, fractional reserve banking, and deficit spending.

2. It provides a moral basis for elective government officials. ...

3. It forbids undue, abusive taxation of the rich. ...

4. It calls for the abolishing of the prison system and establishing a system of just restitution. *...

5. A theonomic approach also forbids the release, pardoning, and paroling of murderers by requiring their execution. ...

6. It forbids industrial pollution that destroys the value of property. ...

7. It punishes malicious, frivolous malpractice suits. ...

8. It forbids abortion rights. ... Abortion is not only a sin, but a crime, and, indeed, a capital crime.<61>
. . .

* Gary North describes the just restitution system of the bible, which happens to reinstitute slavery,
like this:

At the other end of the curve, the poor man who steals is eventually caught and sold into bondage under a successful person. His victim receives payment; he receives training; his buyer receives a stream of labor services. If the servant is successful and buys his way out of bondage, he re-enters society as a disciplined man, and presumably a self-disciplined man. He begins to accumulate wealth. ...snip"
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