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Reply #9: Karadzic is a murderer, but he's also right! [View All]

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paulthompson Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-03-10 04:58 AM
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9. Karadzic is a murderer, but he's also right!
I know it sounds crazy, and certainly Karadzic of all people should not be trusted on this. He was involved in plenty of war crimes himself. But it so happens he's right about the Bosnian Muslims attacking their own people. They did, repeatedly. It was reported as such in every major newspaper at the time, repeatedly, but it was downplayed, because the Muslims were the US allies at the time. It's since pretty much been totally forgotten, and I'm sure the journalists covering his trial will be too lazy to go back and actually check the evidence. But as the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice in a day.

Here's some snippets from just a few of the dozens of articles I've gathered on the subject in the course of my terrorism research:

Muslims 'Slaughter Their Own People'

by Leonard Doyle
The Independent
August 22, 1992

United Nations officials and senior Western military officers believe some of the worst recent killings in Sarajevo, including the massacre of at least 16 people in a bread queue, were carried out by the city's mainly Muslim defenders - not Serb besiegers - as a propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military intervention.

The view has been expressed in confidential reports circulating at UN headquarters in New York, and in classified briefings to US policymakers in Washington. All suggest that Sarajevo's defenders, mainly Muslims but including Croats and a number of Serb residents, staged several attacks on their own people in the hope of dramatising the city's plight in the face of insuperable Serbian odds.

They emphasize, however, that these attacks, though bloody, were a tiny minority among regular city bombardments by Serbian forces.

The reports recite a litany of gruesome events, from the bombing of the bread queue on 27 May to the 4 August explosion at a cemetery while two orphans were being buried, and a ''choreographed'' mortar salvo 30 seconds after Douglas Hurd entered a building for a meeting with the Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic, on 17 July. The mortar attack, which the Foreign Secretary played down by saying ''it wasn't as bad as the No 10 bang,'' killed or wounded 10 bystanders. A Bosnian guard of honour for Mr Hurd's security had, however, already taken cover.

UN Implies Muslims Deliberately Shelled Own Civilians

by Joel Brand
The London Times
November 11, 1994

Troops of Bosnia's mainly Muslim government shelled a Sarajevo residential area under their control, the United Nations has suggested, as a fierce Serb counter-offensive against Bihac continued yesterday, with Serb forces retaking some ground around the northwestern enclave.

In Sarajevo, Lieutenant-Colonel Jacques Lechevallier of the UN said that he had investigated three mortar shells which hit Sarajevo on Tuesday; one was determined to have been fired by the Serbs and the other two came from within the government-held part of the city. Although UN officers refused to draw conclusions, the unspoken implication at a UN presentation of the crater analysis yesterday morning was that members of the Bosnian army had deliberately shelled their own people to increase international sympathy.

The UN condemned Wednesday's air strike by Croatian Serbs on the town of Bihac and accompanying artillery fire. About 14 residents in the ''safe area'' were wounded. Bosnian radio claimed ten civilians were killed. Thant Myint-U, a UN spokesman, called the air raid and involvement by Serb forces from a neighbouring country ''the most serious threat in recent months against any future success of the peace process in Bosnia-Herzegovina''.

In February, a single mortar shell killed 68 Sarajevans in a market place, precipitating Nato's ultimatum to the Serb gunners on mountains around the city. A shell that the UN determined was fired by the Serbs, and which landed in the same neighbourhood on Tuesday, killed two children and a woman and wounded a number of others. The two shells fired from a Bosnian army-controlled area wounded a young boy. A UN official condemned the ''stupidity'' of the attacks. ''It just reinforces the Unprofor (United Nations Protection Force) line that everyone is equally bad.''

Serbs 'Not Guilty' of Massacre

by Hugh McManners
The London Times
October 1, 1995

British ammunition experts serving with the United Nations in Sarajevo have challenged key ''evidence'' of the Serbian atrocity that triggered the devastating Nato bombing campaign which turned the tide of the Bosnian war.

The experts, who examined the scene of the market massacre in Sarajevo in August, say they found no evidence that Bosnian Serbs had fired the lethal mortar round. They suspected the Bosnian government army might have been responsible.

They say French analysts who also examined the scene agreed with them. But they were overruled by a senior American officer, and the UN issued a statement saying it was beyond any doubt that the Bosnian Serbs were responsible for the blast, in which 37 people were killed and 90 wounded.

The carnage was used as the pretext for Nato's huge air campaign against the Bosnian Serbs, which was followed by extensive battlefield losses, and forced the Serbs to the negotiating table.

Senior Official Admits to Secret U.N. Report on Sarajevo Massacre

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
June 6, 1996

New York - For the first time, a senior U.N. official has admitted the existence of a secret U.N. report that blames the Bosnian Moslems for the February 1994 massacre of Moslems at a Sarajevo market.

Yasushi Akashi, the Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the former head of the U.N. mission in Bosnia, told the German Press Agency dpa that the secret report is "no secret."

An international outcry over the massacre, in which 68 civilians perished at Markale marketplace, led directly to a toughening of Western policy towards the Serbs, who were widely blamed for the incident.


After studying the crater left by the mortar shell and the distribution of the shrapnel, the report concluded that the shell was fired from behind Moslem lines. U.N. monitors reported no Serbian shelling that day from points near the marketplace.


My commentary: the number of people killed in such false flag incidents was small compared to the overall carnage, but these operations were staged in times and places for maximum political effect, and they did have a pivotal effect on world opinion. They gave political cover for an escalation in Western intervention on more than one occasion. It was like the Gulf of Tompkin incident in Vietnam, except repeated several times over.

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