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Reply #15: Suicide made sense. [View All]

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Ishka Kibble Donating Member (77 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-24-09 02:56 PM
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15. Suicide made sense.
All the facts that I read about the case - the clothes neatly folded in his truck were a tip-off - the son, who had been adopted by Sparkman as a single father, not having more than 16 dollars to his name when his father died, the cancer, the depression that comes with chemotherapy/radiation treatments, and his concerns that the insurance policies' incontestability clauses would have made it impossible for his beneficiary - his son - to collect on them. It looked and sounded to me like he was suffering from a classic clinical depression, and doing a fine job of covering it up.

People in that part of the country, when they want to get rid of someone, don't leave a public display of a corpse. They don't want to be involved with murder, believe me; they're too caught up in making sure their pot-growing industry is left untouched and unnoticed. They want to maintain as low a profile as possible.

I'd like to see the results of the toxicology tests. He probably strung himself up in the same manner as David Carradine. Not necessarily for the auto-erotic aspects of the asphyxiation, but for the deadly certainty of the act. Stoners growing pot and moonshiners are not groups who would ever do anything that would attract the kind of attention this death has drawn.

Sounds like the poor man didn't have an especially "connected" life - no significant other, no close relationships, just a guy with a big smile who seemed to get along with everyone. A man who was more than a little a latter-day Pagliacci, I fear.

I know a lot of people will never believe any of this, about his death being a suicide, but it's not an unusual way for middle-aged men to take their own lives. It's also quite popular with adolescent boys, but a lot of those cases are inadvertent attempts at auto-erotic asphyxiation, young boys who heard about what a great jolt their orgasm could give them if they just strung themselves up. Their families found them naked and hanging and, for the longest time, had no idea why their sons, their very young sons, had done what they had done.

It's sad all the way around. I hope his adopted son will be taken care of by someone. He wasn't living with his father at the time of the father's death, which was odd. There wasn't much written about their relationship, and I'm really curious about it. I hope people will join together to give the kid a hand. He's been dealt a horrible, horrible hand, poor boy.
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