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Reply #63: I've seen protests. [View All]

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Igel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-05-09 01:41 PM
Response to Reply #30
63. I've seen protests.
Apparently also false outrage, to use another poster's description.

By Any Means Necessary organized some. ANSWER organized others. When I was in student government I actually met organizers from off campus, who were paid, whose job was to help organize groups and help them to plan ways to be more effective, to get their message out. One way was protests.

Yes, they shouted down those they disagreed with. They blocked entrances. They had banners and posters. They staged sit-ins at very key intersections at rush hour. They were hauled away to applause, to having 99% of the self-described "progressives" cheer on their civil disobedience.

They thought of their planned, organized, posters-distributed protests as spontaneous, grass-roots. By most definitions here, they were high-quality astro-turf and nothing more. MoveOn, BAMN, ANSWER, CodePink ... are all meaningless groups of thugs.

But then again, they're on "our" side, so it's ok. Partisan is apparently the highest form of principle, my party right or wrong, the end justifies the means. Not something I accepted in 2008, not something I accept now, thank you.

Of course, apart from the very occasional organizer, the left-of-center protesters weren't paid. Many conservatives assumed they must be, however. More than a couple assumed they had to be bussed in from elsewhere. They were wrong, of course, and let their ill-will guide what could be dubiously described as "thinking". It always comes as a shock to me that people can honestly and reasonably disagree with me, once the shouting's quieted down, and usually I learn something when I stop judging and start asking them for their reasons. Sometimes I think they have their facts wrong; sometimes I think they have their priorities and values misordered; almost never do I find that their values actually disagree with mine--we agree on goals, but seldom on how to get there. It's a useful exercise, acknowledges diversity of opinion and thought, of perspectives, and helps make me a more thoughtful person.
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