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Reply #21: Debt: 06/18/2009 11,399,258,796,766.10 (DOWN 3,511,431,307.88) (Debt down.) [View All]

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Festivito Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-22-09 07:09 AM
Response to Original message
21. Debt: 06/18/2009 11,399,258,796,766.10 (DOWN 3,511,431,307.88) (Debt down.)
(Debt moves down almost 6 billion dollars on a Friday dump. Imagine that. This is good news. They're supposed to hide the bad news, not the good news.)

= Held by the Public + Intragovernmental(FICA)
= 7,127,626,496,714.92 + 4,271,632,300,051.18
DOWN 5,859,665,194.24 + UP 2,348,233,886.36

Source: Debt to the penny:

THINKING IN BILLIONS: Think 3 or 4 dollars per billion in a 307-Million person America.
If every American, man, woman and child puts in $3.26 each THAT'S 1B$.
A family of three: Mom, Dad, Child: $9.78, ABOUT TEN BUCKS for a 1B$ federal program.
I hope that is clear. However, I'd suggest using $3 per 1B$ to underestimate it.
Use $4 per 1B$ to overestimate the cost when thinking: Is the federal program worth it?
Aid to Dependant Children: 2B$/yr =$8/yr(a movie a year) Family of 3: $24/yr(an hour of bowling)

Every 12 seconds we net gain a another American, so at the end of the workday of the report, there should be 306,681,542 people in America. ON 05/25/2009 01:14 -> 306,504,012
Currently, each of these Americans owe $37,169.69.
A family of three owes $111,509.08. (And that is IN ADDITION to their mortgage.)

There were 22 reports in the last 30 to 31 days.
The average for the last 22 reports is 5,121,158,223.41.
The average for the last 30 days would be 3,755,516,030.50.
The average for the last 31 days would be 3,634,370,352.10.
There were 252 reports in 365 days of FY2007 averaging 1.99B$ per report, 1.37B$/day.
There were 253 reports in 366 days of FY2008 averaging 4.02B$ per report, 2.78B$/day.
There were 75 reports in 112 days of GWB's part of FY2009 averaging 8.03B$ per report, 5.38B$/day.
There were 102 reports in 149 days of Obama's part of FY2009 averaging -0.26B$ per report, -0.11B$/day so far.
There were 177 reports in 261 days of FY2009 averaging 7.77B$ per report, 5.27B$/day.

There are 1,312 days remaining in this Obama 1st term.
By that time the debt could be between 13.2 and 18.3T$.
It could be higher. It could be lower.

President's term begins and ends on Jan 20.
(Guess who might want to hide the Reagan Bush years. Jan 20 data is missing before 1993.)
01/20/1993 _4,188,092,107,183.60 WJC Inaugural
01/22/2001 _5,728,195,796,181.57 WJC (UP 1,540,103,688,997.97)
01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08 GWB (UP 4,898,681,252,731.43)
06/18/2009 11,399,258,796,766.10 BHO (UP 772,381,747,853.02 so far since Obama took office.)

Fiscal Year ends: Sep 30
Borrowed in FY1993: (Maybe later.)
Borrowed in FY1994: 281,261,026,873.94
Borrowed in FY1995: 281,232,990,696.07
Borrowed in FY1996: 250,828,038,426.34
Borrowed in FY1997: 188,335,072,261.61
Borrowed in FY1998: 113,046,997,500.28
Borrowed in FY1999: 130,077,892,735.81
Borrowed in FY2000: _17,907,308,253.43 Bill alone
Borrowed in FY2001: 133,285,202,313.20 Bill and George
Borrowed in FY2002: 420,772,553,397.10 All George
Borrowed in FY2003: 554,995,097,146.46
Borrowed in FY2004: 595,821,633,586.70
Borrowed in FY2005: 553,656,965,393.18
Borrowed in FY2006: 574,264,237,491.73
Borrowed in FY2007: 500,679,473,047.25
Borrowed in FY2008: 1,017,071,524,650.01
Borrowed in FY2009: 1,374,533,899,853.70 so far this fiscal year.

05/29/2009 +019,434,324,960.50 ------------**********
06/01/2009 +078,540,152,146.76 ------------********** Mon
06/02/2009 +000,543,288,286.72 ------------********
06/03/2009 -000,003,266,733.82 -----
06/04/2009 +011,755,789,483.75 ------------**********
06/05/2009 -000,226,149,345.97 ---
06/08/2009 +000,015,040,049.19 ------------******* Mon
06/09/2009 +000,025,670,087.48 ------------*******
06/10/2009 +000,124,232,779.18 ------------********
06/11/2009 +000,484,710,305.16 ------------********
06/12/2009 +000,342,814,514.03 ------------********
06/15/2009 +022,279,783,785.91 ------------********** Mon
06/16/2009 +000,300,303,919.12 ------------********
06/17/2009 -000,017,732,893.60 ----
06/18/2009 -005,859,665,194.24 --

127,739,296,150.17 Total of 15 above reports.

Heavy borrowing seems to start after 09/18/2008.
US borrowed $1,734,626,993,507.03 in last 273 days.
That's 1,735B$ in 273 days.
More than any year ever, including last year, and it's 171% of that highest year ever only in 273 days.
And it is over 100% of ANY dismal Bush, for any dismal Bush-year, ONLY IN 273 DAYS NOT 365.

For a prettier and more explanatory view of our nation's debt:

(Debt to the penny keeps changing. Stuff is missing. Best to keep our own history.) LAST REPORT:
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