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Reply #227: I Really Don't Know. [View All]

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justinaforjustice Donating Member (519 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-23-09 09:49 PM
Response to Reply #190
227. I Really Don't Know.
But obviously Chavez was not happy about the report he got from Lula on his meeting with Obama. It seems inexplicable that Obama is going out of his way to attack Chavez as "exporting terrorism" and disrupting Latin America, other than that Obama is using this apparent "toughness" against Chavez to prove he is not the "socialist" that the right wing claims.

It may be that Obama believes that if he shows even basic civility toward Chavez, he will be tarred as an evil Chavista. But, the right wing is going to call him a socialist -- and many things worse -- no matter what he does, so it is a destructive waste of breath to attack Chavez in order to stave off the right. I think Chavez was disposed to be a friend of Obama's, but these baseless attacks are driving him away.

The Venezuelan people were very, very supportive of Obama's election, and it is too bad that Obama is erasing that support by his
factually baseless attacks on Chavez and their country. Everyone here knows that Chavez is not a terrorist and doesn't support terrorism.

He has always acted to avoid violence, even refusing to attack or jail most of the oppositionists who carried out the illegal coup against him in 2002. Indeed, when the coup started, many of his supporters were pleading with him to resist it violently. He refused to do so, saying that armed resistance would cause a blood bath and he wasn't going to see people killed. He actually left the Miraflores Palace peacefully when they arrested him, although he refused to renounce the presidency, despite the fact that his thousands of supporters would have fought to the death for him had he called on them to do so. The thousands of people who took to the streets to demand his return did so peacefully, but there were so many of them that the coup leaders were completely overwhelmed.

In the two years I've been here, I've observed that, in face of deliberately provocative opposition demonstrations against him, Chavez has put the police under extreme restraints prohibiting them from injuring anyone. An inconvenient result of that restraint is that the oppositionists frequently block streets with tire fires in their demonstrations, stopping traffic and greatly inconveniencing the rest of the citizens.

One of the major impetuses to Chavez's revolutionary career was the terrible massacre of more than 2000 people by the Prez government carried out against innocent protesters in Caracas in 1989, known as "El Caracazo". The protests were triggered by Prez's imposition of severe International Monetary Fund restrictions.

Chavez organized progressive young officers and soldiers in the military to refuse to act against the people. It was these progressive soldiers, wanting to stop the corruption and repression in the country, who participated in the failed uprising of 1992 for which Chavez took responsibility and was jailed. Up until Chavez's election in 1998, the majority of Venezuelans were very poor and very brutally governed. Chavez, in contrast, has been the very opposite. He is certainly not a dictator by any stretch of the imagination. The majority of the people have an enormous human affection for him.

There is an excellent biography of Chavez's - and Bolivarian Socialism's -- development, titled "Chavez Nuestro" (Our Chavez) by Rosa Mirium Elizaldi and Luis Bez (Havana, 2006), though I'm not sure it has been translated into English. It sheds a great deal
of light on Chavez's roots, actions and ideas. I certainly wish Obama would read it!
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