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Reply #147: Where is Your Documentation for This Nonesense? [View All]

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justinaforjustice Donating Member (519 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-23-09 07:56 AM
Response to Reply #58
147. Where is Your Documentation for This Nonesense?
Edited on Mon Mar-23-09 08:02 AM by justinaforjustice
What department of the CIA do you work for, perhaps its well documented drug smuggling operation? Calling Chavez a drug smuggler is patient nonsense, as are the charges that he exports terrorism, subverts elections or eats babies.

I am an American who has lived in Venezuela for two years and observed Chavez and his government closely. Chavez's concerns are improving the lives of the Venezuelan people, which his government is doing -- dramatically. Chavez's Venezuela provides free medical, dental and optical care, education, subsidized food and housing to the people with the profits from their oil resources which used to go to American corporations. Chavez is promulgating the same social services policies which we Americans so desperately need, but do not have, because our corporate profits go only to the top 1% of our population.

From his statements about Chavez, Obama proves that he is ignorant of the true facts about Chavez and his government, which the United States conspired to remove from power in the 2002 coup. Armed U.S. officials were in the Venezuelan military headquarters during the 2002 coup personally advising the oppositionist coup leader, Pedro Carmono, then head of the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, as he decreed the abolition of the democratically elected National Assembly, imprisoned its representatives, and kidnapped Chavez to the island of Orchila. Carmono commenced the coup by ordering his U.S. trained sharp shooters to kill innocent Venezuelans in the streets of Caracas. ("Chavez Nestro", Elizalde and Bez, 2006, "El Codigo Chavez" Golinger, 2005, "Bush v. Chavez", Golinger, 2006).

Did you know that two months before the 2002, the United States replaced its then ambassador, Donna Hrinak, with Charles Shapiro, the same man worked for the U.S. advising Pinochet in Chile during the U.S. supported coup against the democratically elected Allende government?

In 2003, Shapiro was quoted by the AP as saying "It is not necessarily a crime to kill a president..." ( >). After the 2002 coup was successfully stopped by the thousands of Venezuelans who flooded the streets demanding the return of Chavez to the presidency, documents were found in the possession of Carmona's oppositionists detailing their plan to murder Chavez. Who is it that collaborates with terrorists?

The U.S.'s terrorist history in Latin America is abysmal. It is very sad to see the Obama administration so ignorantly continuing the imperialist policies against Chavez and Venezuela. Unlike Bush, Obama is an intelligent man. One only hopes he will take the time to read some history and learn the facts about Chavez, his government and the appalling role the U.S. has played against them.

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