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Reply #116: People, Obama STARTED WITH THE INSULTS during his inauguration week! [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-23-09 12:53 AM
Response to Original message
116. People, Obama STARTED WITH THE INSULTS during his inauguration week!
Chavez didn't start it. He is REACTING to what Obama SAID. And Chavez doesn't take shit like that by sitting back and not responding. He has not survived a Bushwhack coup and assassination attempt, and several more attempts, and a Bushwhack instigated oil professionals' strike, and a Bushwhack-funded recall election, and non-stop demonization by the Bushwhack State Dept. and the corpo/fascist press, by being a weenie. He is not polite. Why should he be?

This is Obama's own goddamned mess to clean up. It was blunder. He let somebody among the Bushwhack holdovers in the State Dept., or possibly a member of his own team, lead him by the nose, to do exactly the wrong thing. It was very stupid--if he intends a new, more just U.S. policy in Latin America. The left is winning in Latin America. Chavez is a very, VERY popular guy in his own country and throughout the region. Needlessly insulting him--and repeating Bushwhack lies about him--is no doubt producing the predictable reaction of most of Latin America thinking that Obama is an "ignorant poor man." His own words made him look like a dunce! Doesn't he realize what has been taking place in Latin America, with country after country electing leftist leaders in accord with Chavez--and even the center-left (Brazil, Chile, Guatemala) in accord with Chavez? Does he think he can "divide and conquer" a continent--South America--which just last September strongly and unanimously repelled a Bushwhack funded and organized bloody coup attempt in Bolivia? He can't! And yet that is what he seems to be trying to do! These unfair, untruthful comments on Chavez set him up horribly for the upcoming Americas conference. It puts him in a very bad position. That's why I think it is the doing of the Bushwhacks--and Obama fell into it, during his inauguration week, because he was/is so preoccupied with a failing economy and on-going wars. But if he wants to get anywhere in Latin America, he needs to purge the Bushwhacks from the State Dept., the ambassadorships and the CIA, NOW--or whoever on his team advised this Univision crap in January.
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