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Reply #11: Why do you think it's 'Hugo'? [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-27-08 12:40 PM
Response to Reply #8
11. Why do you think it's 'Hugo'? which I guess you mean the legitimately elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who, as head of state, has responsibility for Venezuela's relations with all other countries, as well as for the security of Venezuelans, and, these days, responsibility, as well, for the hundreds of thousands of Colombian refugees who have fled into Venezuela (mostly from the Colombian military and closely tied rightwing death squads). Why, just because this dubious arrest (based on the "miracle laptopS") took place in Spain, and Chavez happened to be mending fences with the King, would you attribute this arrest to Chavez, and not to Uribe--who instigated it, using the "miracle laptopS? (--none of the contents of which have been vetted by any objective party. Interpol specifically disavowed any verification of the contents, and hired non-Spanish speaking techies to make that point especially clear.)

Your post is full of dark innuendo, but no information. What does your juxtaposing of these two photographs tell us? Essentially nothing. If you have reason to put them together--other than vague, peek-a-boo accusations--please share.

And if what you are saying is true--that Chavez "ratted out" the FARC--and if this arrest has any true basis in any real crime by the arrestee, and if Chavez had anything to do with the arrest (no evidence for it; evidence points at Uribe)--you need to support your further implication, that Chavez was in any way allied with the FARC and thus in a position to "rat them out." Chavez made contact with the FARC at Uribe's request, last fall, for hostage release negotiations, and he furthermore, as head of state, has a duty to be in contact with any significant armed force on Venezuela's border, for the safety of his own people. He would be in dereliction of his duty if he was not. The FARC has controlled 20% to 30% of Colombia, and has been fighting this civil war for over 40 years. (As Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador has said, his country doesn't border Colombia--it borders the FARC!) Contact with the FARC does not mean alliance with the FARC (ask the Swiss, French and Spanish envoys who were headed to Raul Reyes's camp, on March 1 of this year--for the release of Ingrid Betancourt--when the U.S./Colombia blew the camp away with ten U.S. "smart bombs"! You think Switzerland, France and Spain were allied with the FARC?). Uribe later tried to make it look like Chavez was somehow allied with the FARC--using, once again, the very unreliable "miracle laptopS." (At first, it was one laptop; now it's several.) That doesn't make it true either.

So, please, if you are going to make such this accusation, you need to back it up, by establishing, a) Chavez alliance with the FARC (such that he would be in a position to "rat them out"); b) Chavez knowledge of, and disclosure of, this Spanish arrestee's activities and/or address (when reports say it was based on the "miracle laptopS"); and c) how either of these posited/implied actions, by Chavez, were not in the line of duty (and, indeed, as to his increased contacts with the FARC during the Nov 07 to Feb 08 period, conducted at Uribe's request, and furthermore at the request of the president of France and other world leaders, the hostage's relatives and human rights groups.)

Your "ratted them out" is heavily interpretive, with no evidence (and evidence contradicting it). My opinion of it right now is that it's just Bushite/Freeper crapola, which is generally inflicted on us with three-word sentences or bursts of venom, like this, and can't be defended. So, defend it. And I assure you that, although I have many good reasons for being pro-Chavez (and pro-Venezuelan Chavista activists, supporters and voters), and although I think he is part of--and an important leader of--an overwhelmingly beneficial, leftist, democratic trend in South America--I don't trust any politician, ever. So, if you've got evidence of Chavez's alliance with the FARC (other than activities connected to the hostage releases, or Venezuelan security), and of his now "ratting them out," I'd like to hear it. I'd also like to hear why you think that is bad. If FARC members have committed crimes, they should be tried--rather than peremptorily executed, along with thousands of innocents, as they do in Colombia. An arrest is better than a bullet through the head, no?

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