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Reply #511: Ken Burch Hah! You're funny [View All]

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ann_american2004 Donating Member (480 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-24-08 01:26 AM
Response to Reply #477
511. Ken Burch Hah! You're funny
You make me laugh. I'm positively gurgling!
"And nobody but the Republicans called HRC a 'ho" ???? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I think I peed myself.
You owe me new underpants. The granny kind. I'm a modest progressive. hahahahaha!

Sorry I'm way out of line. Help me out here -what line am I suppose to be near or grasping?
The strict Obama is God camp? The moderate Obama is God but has some really fucked up followers camp?
Obama is a statesman line? Hmmm which one did I cross? Jeepers. Let's just put all the lines together and make a jump rope. that would be swell.

Going to the ref in the 'poem', I think as I recall being an old fart and all that the big problem people had with Teddy wasnt that it was an accident, which obviously it was, but that he left her, (he was disoriented) and then he was lawyered up. And you seem to be bitter about the whole Carter (not democratic party, obviously) supposed response. Too bad for you. Cant imagine any of you all here feeling the same if it was Hillary who had surfaced from that lake and gone squish squashing home. As for Teddy Ive defended him fine at CNN and MSNBC just this week. My point was to make a comparison of the slant against Hillary and how everyone is needing to make her seem evil to justify their need to hate someone. Which is what it is. It's all a distraction and a waste of time. And sorry if using Chappaquidick upset anyone. I was writing with the flow. It was a string feeling of needy a juxtapose to point out some of the real extremes here these days.No disrespect intended so dont take any.

And then you go calling my poem crap, Ken Burch! lol! Okay! Yeah good I'm glad you think it's half-assed. I've been writing it like that for years. In the end family's family - as I'd hope we all like to think as Democrats, at least I would hope though Hill friends arent feeling the love too much these days - I'm gonna rib, and rustle heads of hair, and pipe up when I see family being swayed to bad blood and meanness and drawn to the negative side of things. Dont get caught in the mire. It's very hard to get out. Just focus on our man. I know you can.

ps. I dont write rap. I rap presents right. Err I mean wrap.

Obama '08

Do we right wrongs
or find rights for our wrongs
along a self righteous indignation
that has no right to bear
itself under our bare shoulders
Boulders of hate
over us
and under we
are just waiting to cry
hear me!
I am here!
But hate doesnt want
anyone's ear on you
and so the hate finds faces
and places
and people
and cases
of anger
and anything and everything
to give you that feeling
of despair
until you realize
you should be here
but you are suddenly
be aware
from the lies
you are an angel

an angel

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