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Reply #15: "...the American public thinks their world isn't affected by this stuff." [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-19-07 06:09 PM
Response to Original message
15. "...the American public thinks their world isn't affected by this stuff."
Where do you get your ideas of "the American public"?

There are thousands of grass roots progressive Democratic groups, unions, non-profit groups, and millions of activists working on issues like these, issuing press releases, holding events, holding rallies, attending hearings...

They never get any air time.

"..the citizenry isn't willing to voice any outrage about it." How do you know this?

I sympathize with your cry of agony--but do beware of how your impression of "the American public" is formed. I think the war profiteering corporate news monopolies are really doing a number on us about this. It is their one and only propaganda victory--convincing the members of the peace-minded, progressive, and very concerned majority that they are in the minority.

Back in Feb. '03, just before the Iraq War started, 56% of the American people opposed it. 56%! That would be a landslide in a presidential election. But did you ever hear about this BIG MAJORITY? Did the corporate news monopolies reflect their views, to any degree, let alone adequately? Nope. According to the corporate news monopolies, the country was all flag-waving and hot with war fever.

I made a point of reviewing the polls, cuz I wanted to know: Had my country gone nuts, or was something else going on? Across the board in all polls--ranging from 54% up to 56% (NYT)--majority opposition to the war. And that was with a lot of disinformation about WMDs and Iraq being connected to 9/11 rattling around in peoples' heads. Now it's reached an overwhelming 70%! And still you wouldn't know it watching/hearing the war profiteering corporate news monopoly TV/radio broadcasts, or reading the big papers and news magazines that are subsidiaries of these monopolies.

I think it's true on all issues. (I've reviewed other polls as well.) A huge majority for social justice, fairness, tolerance, good government, accountability, environmental protection--views that are almost NEVER expressed in the fascist news/opinion monopolies.

I actually think the American people are much better informed than anyone gives them credit for--especially given the barrage of fascist propaganda that they are subjected to. By word of mouth, or the internet, or just their own good common sense, most of them know what's going on. A lot of them even know that the voting machines are rigged (the most suppressed news story of all time). But they are mystified as what to do about it. It is unprecedented. We have suffered a fascist coup. We have never faced this circumstance before. We have always had SOME way to eventually assert our sovereignty and rein in government excess, or accomplish some needed reform. The rigged voting machines cut off our ability to change things by our direct assertion of power to hire/fire our representatives.

I think we can still get the vote counting system unrigged, by activism at the state/local level, where ordinary people still have some influence. These machines are the ultimate blockade for preventing change. Transparent vote counting is the most fundamental requirement of democracy.

Just imagine if we had a nationwide referendum right now on the war. We would be out of Iraq tomorrow. 70% of the people are opposed to the war. So don't blame the American public. IF their votes were counted, and thus resulted in proper representation of their views, our nation would correct its course. I don't blame them for not fixing the rigged voting system yet, either. As I said, the story has been "Iron Curtained" not only by the corporate news monopolies, but also by our Democratic Party leadership--mind-boggling as that is. It's taking longer to get the word out and to find an effective strategy to restore transparent vote counting. It happened so fast (2002 to 2004), and now the "trade secret" code is locked in--entrenched, surrounded by corrupt officials and politicians. It's up to the rest of us, who know about it, to keep plugging away at informing people, and eventually critical mass will be reached--and it will be like the civil rights movement in the '60s, where virtually the entire nation seemed to suddenly wake up and say, "Segregation? Poll taxes? Lynchings? "Colored" and "White" drinking fountains? No! No way! That's insane! That's unfair! That's wrong!"

"Trade secret" vote counting, under the control of rightwing Bushite corporations is obviously insane, unfair and wrong. And it will become impossible for the fascists to maintain otherwise.

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