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Reply #24: I'm NOT saying they have to leave Estonia [View All]

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LiberalEsto Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-28-07 07:03 PM
Response to Reply #12
24. I'm NOT saying they have to leave Estonia
I'm saying that if they live in Estonia, they should have the common courtesy to learn a small amount of the Estonian language and treating Estonians with respect, not as former slaves. May of these people have lived in Estonia for decades without bothering to learn a single word of the language. Heck, when my penniless parents came here from a refugee camp in 1949, they respected their new homeland enough to learn and speak English, obey our laws, and respect American laws and government.

When Russia occupied Estonia after WW2, Estonians were all forced to learn Russian and attend school in Russian.

How is it fair that the occupiers can move in and force their language on the victims, but it is not okay for Estonians to ask these people now to learn a few sentences of Estonian?

How would you feel if China conquered the US and forced everyone to speak Chinese and took over all the good land and good jobs and forced us all to do menial work and prohibited us from going to religious services of any kind, traveling overseas, singing the Star Spangled Banner, displaying the US flag, assembling in groups, having a free press, and basically demolishing our Constitution.

How about if they took a few million Americans and shipped them to labor camps in china, never to see their homes or families again? How about if they murdered a million more, raped untold numbers of women, and forbade any American except a few collaborators from participating in the government? Then how about if they ripped off all America's natural resources for themselves, meanwhile turning parts of the country into huge toxic waste dumps?

Then let's say they took over Manhattan, and forbade anyone from the rest of America from going there, and forbade people living in Manhattan from leaving to visit the rest of the country or even seeing relatives in other states, for 50 years?

Finally, after 50 years, the Chinese somehow pull out, but leave behind a good chunk of military and about 80 million Chinese -- few of whom have ever bothered to learn a word of English or Spanish, and who have nothing but disdain for the American people. Then the military finally pulls out, but now America must tread carefully, always in fear that the Chinese would come back on the slightest pretext and start the occupation all over again.

The Americans then do their best to create a democracy and rebuild a wrecked economy and badly damaged country. They would love to go back to the way things were before, and ask these millions of occupiers to leave, but they don't dare. All they ask is that the chinese occupiers now make the effort to learn a small amount of English and play by the rules of democracy. And these Chinese keep whining to mother China about how brutally they are being mistreated by being asked to learn a little English and/or Spanish.

Well, gee, how would you, then, as an American feel?
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