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Reply #1: If ever there was a political prosecution, it is this one! [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-17-06 01:34 PM
Response to Original message
1. If ever there was a political prosecution, it is this one!
1. Garcia is no "centrist." He's an extremely corrupt corporatist. What's at stake here is Peru's political soul--will it go with the vast, peaceful, democratic revolution that is sweeping Latin America--in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela, and up into Mexico and Nicaragua--or will it go with the Bushites and Corporate/World Bank/IMF rulers?

2. 1992 is FOURTEEN YEARS AGO! What the hell are they doing bringing these charges NOW?

3. The answer is that Humala, a champion of the poor and the indigenous (he's 100% indigenous, like Evo Morales in Bolivia), came out of nowhere this year, with no traditional political support and no money, and bumped the far rightwing candidate out of the race in the preliminary voting, winning 30% of the vote. With Hugo Chavez's and Evo Morales' backing, he then went on to INCREASE his vote by 15%, to a surprising (for a political novice) 45% showing, in his loss to corporate/Bush-backed Garcia in the general election. One more election, and Humala will win. Garcia will loot and destroy Peru's economy, like the rightwing did in Argentina, and Humala is the alternative to that. Humala is a clear political threat to this government. There is no other reason or sense to bringing 14 year old charges against him. He dared to challenge the thieves who are running Peru.

4. The military is often the only career--indeed, the only job--for the poor and the indigenous in Latin America, and military men have been compelled to do all sorts of repressive actions under the far rightwing juntas that have ruled Peru. And I've no doubt they are also put in compromising positions, whether they participate in repression or not, for purposes of blackmail and in efforts to corrupt them. Humala would have seen first hand what a crock of corrupt shit the "war on drugs" and the war against "leftist guerrillas" (killing poor peasants) was! That is likely what turned him into a LEFTIST POLITICIAN! Imagine if the Bushites charged John Kerry with Vietnam war crimes--which they in fact did, verbally, but what if they used 'torture memo' writer Alberto Gonzales and Bush-packed courts to go after him? This is no different. Garcia led one of the most corrupt governments in the history of Latin America. Now he's back. And he doesn't want any leftist, socialist, indigenous opposition.


We really have to learn to read between the lines of these war profiteering corporate news monopoly articles--and seek out alternative sources of information. One good source is: .
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