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PCIntern Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-04-06 07:18 AM
Response to Reply #5
7. I agree with the semantic issue,,,
here's some more...

Civilians in Lebanon have munitions in their basements and deliberately wish to draw fire; in Israel they are in bunkers to avoid it. Israel uses precision weapons to avoid hitting them; Hezbollah sends random missiles into Israel to ensure that civilians are struck.

Collateral damage refers mostly to casualties among Hezbollahs human shields; it can never be used to describe civilian deaths inside Israel, because everything there is by intent a target.

Cycle of Violence is used to denigrate those who are attacked, but are not supposed to win.

Deliberate reflects the accuracy of Israeli bombs hitting their targets; it never refers to Hezbollah rockets that are meant to destroy anything they can.

Deplore is usually evoked against Israel by those who themselves have slaughtered noncombatants or allowed them to perish such as the Russians in Grozny , the Syrians in Hama , or the U.N. in Rwanda and Dafur.

Disproportionate means that the Hezbollah aggressors whose primitive rockets cant kill very many Israeli civilians are losing, while the Israelis sophisticated response is deadly against the combatants themselves. See excessive.

Anytime you hear the adjective excessive, Hezbollah is losing. Anytime you dont, it isnt.

Eyewitnesses usually arent, and their testimony is cited only against Israel .

Grave concern is used by Europeans and Arabs who privately concede there is no future for Lebanon unless Hezbollah is destroyed and it should preferably be done by the Zionists who can then be easily blamed for doing it.

Innocent often refers to Lebanese who aid the stockpiling of rockets or live next to those who do. It rarely refers to Israelis under attack.

The militants of Hezbollah dont wear uniforms, and their prime targets are not those Israelis who do.

Multinational, as in multinational force, usually means third-world mercenaries who sympathize with Hezbollah. See peacekeepers.

Peacekeepers keep no peace, but always side with the less Western of the belligerents.

Quarter-ton is used to describe what in other, non-Israeli militaries are known as 500-pound bombs.

Shocked is used, first, by diplomats who really are not; and, second, only evoked against the response of Israel , never the attack of Hezbollah.

United Nations Action refers to an action that Russia or China would not veto. The organizations operatives usually watch terrorists arm before their eyes. They are almost always guilty of what they accuse others of.
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