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Reply #221: drduffy, I for one am with you [View All]

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AlwaysQuestion Donating Member (412 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-06-06 09:04 PM
Response to Reply #153
221. drduffy, I for one am with you
drduffy, I applaud you. You as an American and I as a Canadian see our respective governments in much the same way. I am enraged by how our governments and their shadow governments (corporate internationalists who know only the $flag) manage to manipulate the public to think as they want it to think. I really do believe that by using plain common sense (that deep inner voice which we have allowed the whorish media to silence) we could readily sort through the lies and untruths. We can all read and follow leads and site chapter and verse of whatever source we want to shore up our arguments, but you can never read enough to get at the truth. Paying attention to one's inner voice and trying to look at things from the perspective of another human being in another land and for a moment (as drduffy suggests) "being" that person will do more to help us gain perspective than in reading all the literature available in the world today. Instead, we take the easy route and allow others to do our thinking for us--and that's why news is such a major industry--mega mega bucks are spent telling us how we shall think collectively. And hot damn, don't it work! And I say, in no way. In no way am I taking the Toronto Star article as fact. My instincts tell me that there is something fishy going on and I'll need time to sort it out.

P.S. For any Americans out there, keep an eye peeled for our next election. Will it be Harper and HIS neocons or will it be the liberal Liberals?? That's a joke. The Liberals now have one Dr. Michael Ignatieff in their court (talk is he will win the Liberal leadershipo). Well, if he does, we'll have a very well spoken, highly educated NEOCON leading the way. This is the same guy who is on record as favouring the invasion of Iraq, thinks it's a wonderful idea that the Canuck government is now going on the offensive in Afghanistan--and oh, just one more little tidbit--thinks that torture is a necessary evil. As someone else noted his written explanation is highly nuanced, but still the bottom line is that he's for it.

Now I wonder just how the Bush administration managed to make Canada see the world as he sees it. Or does anyone really believe that Harper and Ignatieff just coincidentally happened along at a time when their happening is soooo good for Bushco.

The fix is in
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